still here

Hey. I'm still here in Colorado so it'll probably be another 2 weeks before I do a full length post. Hope you keep following me! 

The pictures are a sneak peek of an upcoming post.
Love, me


joy ride

We just returned home from a joy drive.
My cousin Hannah, sisters Becca and Beth and I went out to lunch, but it turned into a joy ride.
After we ate at Chipotle and shopped around a bit we turned on some music. Some really loud, really good music.
As we got off the freeway I turned on this song. I looked around and I'm pretty sure we were all smiling. My little sister realized what song it was and turned her head and smiled at me. We like it.
 The windows of Hannah's Fiat were rolled way down and the sweet, Pasadena air filtered in.
Hannah said "you realize we're not driving home right?" and we were like "What?".
So we drove across an awesome bridge to this song. 
Then we zoomed by amazing houses to this song.
And we finished it off with this one.
It was the best, the best, the best.
See my pink, pinky ring? It was made by Becca baby!

Love, me

p.s. Bon Iver is amazing. A post on that soon.