a macchiato sort of day

I'm sort of laughing right now. 
After I got home from class I decided to leave by myself and get a coffee at my favorite coffee shop here. I took a bus (like I always do, lucky me), listened to Christmas music, Lana Del Rey and Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz' Lucky on repeat, bought mint green and candy cane socks (I have a weakness for socks) and then I ordered my delicious drink called a brown sugar with macchiato from a really smiley barista. I love college town a lot. 
When I got to the bus stop, I sat down... I had my iPod in one pocket, my phone in one hand (I was texting my sister at home) and my drink and bus card in the other hand. I took off the lid of my drink to get some whipped cream and then forgot to put it back on properly... so when I went to take another drink it spilled alllll over me. Down the front of my jacket and pants. Ew. And there were several kindasorta cute guys near me. I don't think they saw though. Whew. 
When I went to get on the bus one of the guys motioned for me to go before him and it was so sweet :D
I got on and there was an older, western guy on the bus and because of what had just happened and because I was getting funny texts from my sister, I smiled almost all the way home. It feels good not to be able to stop smiling. The guy must've thought that I was really happy. He was right. 

And that's my funny, little China story for the day. 
I have plenty more to share but I can't always do them justice.

Oh and last night we put up our Christmas tree and decorations!! It looks gorgeous and I'm likin' all this festivity quite a bit. Becca and I made yummy cappuccinos too.

Do you have a funny story from your day? Tellmetellme. 
Love, me



Okay so now that Thanksgiving is over I can start listening to Christmas music right?
Never mind. You're way too late.
It's so fun how Christmas happens not matter where you are. You get the same feelings, just in a different place. Even if snow doesn't fall the cold fills in the cracks and huge jackets, scarves, hats and gloves are a must have here in the Winter. It all works out perfectly and I'm so blessed to be able to celebrate this season all the way on the other side of the world from my home.
I miss my brothers and sister though. Like a lot a lot? Yeah, like that.

So my weekend/week in Shanghai was pretty perfect. Our big feast was delicious and being with family is always so nice. It continued to rain all week and that was a little uh... blah. Who cares though.
The retreat was so much fun. We met new, amazing people and basically got to spend two days with them. Staying up late, getting up early (three and a half hours of sleep), taking cold showers, eating bad food, walking around in the cold...? Yeah it's all fun with a friend. Oh and look! I have pictures :)
 So excited for this season and so happy that I have wonderful friends and family who make life the best.
Left to right: Nuna, Me, Sarah and Becca.
My cousin Aaron and I. <3
Sarah and I being posin'.

All photo credit goes to Nuna. Thanks girls (and guys) for an amazing weekend full of everything great.
Love, me

p.s. Another design change. What the heck it's Winter guys. Even the xoxo changed!


happy girl

So today it rained. I normally love rain but when I have to ride my e-bike to school where I see cute people then I don't particularly like it. 
After school though I stayed inside and the rain didn't bother me anymore. ;)

Tomorrow I'm heading to Shanghai! Thanksgiving break yayayaya. I'll pack in the morning, go to class around noon and come home and my brother and I will go to the train station together and jump on a train. I'm excited for this next week/weekend. Thursday and Friday we'll spend the day cooking for our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night (cannottt wait) and after our feast my sister and I are going with my cousins to a retreat! We'll be there until Sunday afternoon and then Becca and I will take the train home. 
It'll be so relaxing and I'm looking forward to some time away. Being with my Shanghai family is always a plus too. 

Other than that I'm going to share some things from my happy list... that is, this is my happy list.

Glittery gold nail polish that looks like Christmas.

Christmas tunes. (Tonight was the first night I listened to some!)

People from my school. They're the best.

New Winter coats, pants and shirts that I needed :)

Coco dates.

Hot floors. haha that sounds funny. It's actually called floor heating and it's soo great. It's works especially well in our bathroom and it makes me never wanna leave that place.

Stupid, catchy songs like this one. I did say catchy and I so mean it.

There is also nothing better than a new pair of socks. Striped pink and orange? The best.
And Skype.
With lots of love and thankfulness,
Ooo. Socks.

p.s. I'll post some pictures soon <3



What do you think of the new header?
All of a sudden (well pretty much) I like neon yellow a lot. Neon is hot.
So that's why there is a big slash of neon yellow right up there. 
I also like the way it looks a little crooked.
Check out these cute neon yellow things... that I sort of wish I had. ;)
this bag
or this clutch.
These oxfords
or maybe this hat.

I don't know why I'm not feeling very inspired tonight. I can't seem to write anything that I'm happy with. I'm trying. I'll just go look at some more cute winter clothes online and listen to some peppy music and maybe talk to a friend.

Oh and tomorrow after school I'm going to watch a bunch of the guys (from my school) play a sport called Tri Federation and after that a few of us are going to get Coco together. And the next night I'm going to a dance!
Fun. Fun? Fun.

Photo taken by Margaux while out on a photo shoot (really great adventure) with her, Becca and Alena. <3
In class with one of my awesome Korean friends. SSIS spirit!

Oh and I'm also wondering if any of you are still following my posts? I'm hoping you do even though  I don't post all the time. :) :)

Love, me