Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends!!!

I'll post soon but for more updates on my life check out my tumblr.
Today is such a happy day.
Christmas Eve happiness. More like weirdness. Photo by Becca Jones.
Love, me



This is exciting.
Click on the link below to listen to my song. 
My older brother Andrew and I recorded it here in Suzhou and you can read the rest when you click on the link.

Love, me


FORGET IT || forget it

Wouldn't it be nice if sometimes we could just forget about boys? I don't normally talk about boys on my blog but it's something that I think about a. lot. sooo... ha. That was a big confession.
Anyway whenever I tell myself to just forget about boys or at least stop thinking about them so much I walk out my door and there stands... a cute boy.

Never mind let's talk about something else now.

Today after Church I ate lunch with my sister at Secret Recipe and we laughed most of the time. We ate too of course but the laughing part is more important. After a bit my friend Alena came and we finished off some good Malaysian food with some really good cake and swallowed it with some more laughter. As Alena, Becca and I were walking away our waiter came running after us and then all of a sudden we remembered something... we forgot to pay! We all laughed so hard and I...III went back in to pay and apologize for being stupid.
Such fun memories we're making huh? I think so too.
We also went and tried to ride some unicycles which was super hard and none of us could even really get up on it.
Then we got Cocos and sat in a gazebo in Times Square and talked. Then Becca left and Alena and I talked some more, walked some more and found a bathroom. We sat under a bridge and chatted for the last twenty five minutes and she gave me an adorable hat for a Christmas present. She's a sweet friend. We walked to the bus stop and I jumped on my bus and she walked back to the subway stop and went home. I like these kinds of dates with friends. <3

Oh and listen to this song. All the Chinesey-ness throughout the song ties it to me in a way. Xizi She Knows.

And here's a picture of my new scarf. It's practically like Christmas wrapped around my neck. 
 And now I'm going to go put on my reindeer pajama pants and enjoy this Christmas holiday I'm on. 
I'm starting to say/spell certain things differently. I have a British teacher :)

Please comment and tell me how your December is going! It would make my December better.
Love, me



It's about my bedtime but I just wanted to tell you guys that I got a tumblr. 
Yes sirree, I made myself a tumblr yo. Don't think me weird for saying yo; for one, I've been wanting to say it for a while (it slides right off your tongue) and two, I'm tired. 

So hop on over here to read about how lovely a night I had and to see some recent shots I've taken. 
And if you want to... follow me? 

I'll write again soon.
December is flying.
Goodnight world <3
Love, me


good job December


I've been busy! Today I had a test. Eh. Soo hope I did well. 
After that I went to the Christmas concert and hung out with my buds. 
This next Saturday I'm going to a Tri Fed game to watch my buds;
and that night I'm going to a Winter Formal with... my buds.

Tonight I was at the recording studio again too! My older brother and I are working on another new song and it's coming along nicely. I can't wait to get it finished... but darn that metronome!
All this Christmasy-ness too... I love it.
Yeah, I'm enjoying this December quite a bit.

How's your December going!? You know me... I'd love to know.
Oh and here's a couple photos of just me in a recent shoot with Beth.
Oh and listen to this song. I don't want to turn it off.
Another new pair of socks! Told you I had a weakness. They're higher than the other ones and mint green. Yeees.

Love, me