The best summer (I'm pretty dang sure) part 1: Bellevue WA.

Hey, I'm back!
I flew into PVG airport (Shanghai) on Monday night... stepped out of the airport into 90+ degree weather and haven't stepped out of it. 
You'll hear more about Suzhou soon but for the next few posts I'll be talking about my vacation. My absolutely blissful vacation... that I had to come back from. 

We flew into California at the beginning of June and spent two weeks there. I wrote my last couple of posts there and since I don't have many pictures from my time there I'll go ahead and start with Washington. After the first two weeks in CA. I flew to Colorado and spent a week there but I still didn't have my phone working then. I got my iPhone working in WA and that's when I started taking a million and one pictures. SO, the pictures are all taken and edited with my iPhone which is actually pretty cool ;)

Bellevue is so gorgeous. The whole time I was there the weather was so nice. When it rained it was beautiful and we would walk in it with no umbrellas and pretend like we were Washingtonians. Surprisingly it hardly rained at all though. We stayed at this cozy, spacious house right on the water and everyday we'd walk down the hill and swim. We even swam at night sometimes. The house was so nice and the whole place was pretty much like a resort. And we got to spend a week there :)
Seeing my cousins again was amazing as well. One of my only girl cousins was getting married which was why we were there and spending time with her was sooo fun. The other ones are all boys and all 6 of them are probably some of the coolest guys I know ;)

Alyssa's wedding day came and three hundred or more people squeezed into the church. No air conditioning and big windows that let in almost every inch of the afternoon sun. It didn't matter though. Everybody there was so happy and seeing my gorgeous cousin as a bride was perfect. She and Matt had asked me if I would sing at the ceremony and of course I said yes, so I was really nervous for the actual wedding day. I sang two songs and my Dad played the guitar for me. It ended up going so smoothly and I was so happy that I'd done it. I faced Alyssa and sang to her and Matt. I felt blessed to be a part of their wedding and I don't think I stopped smiling much that day.

The next few days went by quickly like vacations do and we finally got brown and our hair finally got light. Looking back the days seem to blend together... but if I take the time to remember each one clearly I can see how good of a time I had. It was so good. 
L to R: Bethy, me and Alyssa at the nail salon getting our nails done :)
Living on the water.


Night swimming!
My favorite 3 year old Maggie in the world.
At the wedding with my Daddy :)

...And more swimming.
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