instagram part 1

So... since I haven't posted that much in the past few months I thought I'd post some pictures from my little sister's instagram.
This is basically little snapshots of what I've been up to since December.
The quality of the photos may not be that great but I love each of these pictures and I love that my sisters and I have them to always remember these amazing months. I've been having so much fun and enjoying life lots. Hope the same for you!

Baby oranges in the mouthssss.
Profile duck face.
In the bus :) 
My handsome brother and I at 85 degree cafe <3
At the train station with my gorgeous sis headed out on an adventure :D
Heading home from said adventure and it was definitely a success.
Favorite jeans, new vans and new watch? Yea :)
At the airport with my cute little sister saying goodbye to William :'( On the bright side... airports make me want to go places. Like when I see "flight to Paris delayed" it makes my heart jump.
Part 2 up next!

I love China so much.
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x, a