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Hey, I'm going to be gone for about a week. Be back then!!

Love, me


just a couple of things

Today is warm. I for one love it when it's warm and it makes me feel so energetic. We have company here as well. One of my Dad's old friends came with his son and they're staying for another week. It's been fun and showing new people around Suzhou is quite awesome.

Okay so we are leaving for our Summer vacation in two and a half weeks. Oh man. Two and a half weeks! I cannot wait to see all my friends again and spend a bunch of time with everybody. It's also crazy for to think about jumping back on a airplane for 15 hours. Wow that sounds long. 
We'll be in Colorado for 6 weeks and California for 2 weeks. OMGosh.

Our friends the Wirgaus (you've heard about them plenty of times) left yesterday. We said goodbye on this random street on a cloudy day and oh how I miss them now. Basically it's just weird thinking that their house is empty, and there will never again be a sleepover in their little bedroom on the 6th floor. I practically saw them all the time and now it's come to a stop. It's only been two days since I've seen them but thinking that I won't see them again is really hard. Lydia and Leah, you guys have been the best. Living in China with you guys for two years? Yes, the best.

I'm sorry that my posting has been so irregular. I think that's how it'll always be. I'm happy when I get a good post together and get some fun comments... and so far that's how it's been for a while! Yep, yep, yep.

Right now I'm:
Tasting: A couple of minutes ago it was fresh Mango.
Smelling: Summer. Literally every time I walk into this room it smells like Summer to me.
Seeing: Little black letters and beyond that a printer and a white wall and other such things.
Hearing: Chinese men talking outside.
Touching: The keys of our mac.

And here is an adorable picture of my little sister. She got some new (fake) TOMS.

I'll be back soon with my party post.

Love, me

p.s. Thank you to all my 65 followers! Give yourself a pat on the back.


happy birthday

Here's my extremely happy list. Today I'm 16. 

My bomb of a birthday. 
Going to Starbucks two days in a row.
Foot massages! Heck yes.
An amazing "American" dinner to look forward to. 
Two best friends coming over.
The bus.
Another new shirt... this one's a blue and white striped long sleeve. Oo la la.
Rachael. My big sis.
My friends across the ocean.
My many little gifts from the fam.

And about a gizillion other things.

Love you Peng You's.
And the post all about my party will be up in no time.
Oh and Happy Birthday to Katie and Abbey!

 Love, me

p.s. I always do this to myself. I write in Chinese and then I have to do a "p.s." and tell you what it means. Oh well, I'll probably keep doing it. "Peng You's" means "Friends".



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Love, me



Easter Sunday was fantastic. Our church service was pretty crazy. Approximately 1500 people were there. That included the entire Chinese church and our entire church. I love worshiping with people for all around the world. Our church is an international church so it's made up of people from all different countries. My Dad preached and then there was a translator for all of the Chinese people. The whole thing was crazy and sometimes a little bit hilarious and overall really fun.

After the service we headed out for the rest of the day.
 It was a cloudy sort of day but warm none the less. Really nice for a picnic. We met up with the Wirgau family and Andrew's Chinese friends, Una, Tian Tian and Liu Yang. We went to this huge park right on the lake and it was super gorgeous. 
Have I mentioned how beautiful our lake is? Oh man it is. 
Anyway we flew kites literally all day which kind of turned into "trying" to fly kites because the wind didn't help us out very much. It was a blast though. 
I love days where you hardly step foot inside. At the end of the day I felt warm all over and my eyes burned... but burned in a good way. I felt tired and wind blown. 
We laughed a lot too which is always good. Leah is a good one when it comes to laughing... she makes me laugh so hard... both Lydia and Leah do. After a while we decided to rent some two seater bikes! Those are a bunch of fun too although a little scary. It was really hard to control them and the brakes didn't work very well. Yikes. We rode along the lake and yelled hello to tons of random people. It's so much fun doing that. 
We played frisbee and ate good food and hung out some more. By about 7:00 pm we decided to start heading home. A crowded bus brought us back safe and sound and Matisyahu sung me home. Hehe.

He is risen, he is risen INDEED!

Pictures 1,2,3,6 and 7 taken by Elisabeth Jones.

Overall the day was lovely.
Love you all.
Love, me



I'm excited about this month. Let me get down to reasons.
For one it's my month and 16 is just around the corner! I cannot wait for my birthday. It just makes me so happy.
Two: The warm weather seems to be rather settled into Suzhou now and I'm hoping it's here to stay.
So April maybe could you help out with that?
Three: It's the month before we leave for our vacation! I'm beyond excited but don't get me started.
Four: I'm planning my party. I'll tell you all about it once it's planned! Sweetness.
Five: Just living my life... my family and friends are the best and I'm darn thankful. Oh and another thing? I love living in the city. Suzhou is the best.
I think I'll start another notebook about all this. About April.

Looking forward to quite a bit!
Yay for the month of April. I love you.
Love, me
p.s. I'm posting more often!!! Yes. Oh and I got this new shirt... I really like it. I also got several bracelets. I love them too. Pictures soon!



double exposure baby

Today is a good day. Oh and I've eaten 6 meals out in the past five days.
Now I'm off to eat pizza!

Ni xi huan ma? Excuse me. Do you like them?
Love, a


in the dark

Last night my little sister and I went outside and took pictures. It was dark and we sat on a trashcan, posed with one of our neighborhood guards and stood in the light of the street lamps. I had on my brothers big hoodie and no shoes. It was pretty perfectly warm and the sky had a bit of color left in it. Fun? I think definitely. 

Earlier that day I ate lunch with my best friends, shopped and enjoyed the amazing sun. It was da' bomb. Oh and as we were leaving there was this big screen next to the shopping center and it was playing this really cool song... Lydia and I danced to it and rapped just a little. I wanted to see who the song was by so I waited and it was "One day" by Matisyahu and I was like "I know this guy!!". It made me happy. :) You should definitely listen to it. Anyway, yet another lovely day. I'm blessed with such good family and friends and a fantastic city to live in.

Here is six or seven pictures that I put all together to make one weird picture... I guess I was kinda lazy.
You can see I have several feet and a few heads and then you can see the trash can and there's some bokeh thrown in there too! 
Pictures by Elisabeth Jones.

Love, a

p.s. I just drank a Coco (pearl milk tea) and I wished that Mikayla was beside me. Yeah that would've been fun. :)