My Birthday part 1

My birthday!!!! Well, Well, Well, I along with my sister's, Mom, and Lydia, Leah and there Mom, went to Shanghai for my We got up early, took the bus to the train station (just my Mom and us three girls, were getting very comfortable) and there we met my Wirgau friends :)
We got on the high speed train which I think goes like 210 miles per hour of something! Shanghai was so great!!! We shopped at this fake market and bargained (and I mean really arguing and everything!) for lot's of fun stuff as you will see sometime soon :) Rachael and my Aunt Judy joined us and there presence is lovely!! haha. I love having Aunt Judy along! And Rachael was a must.
The bargaining was just crazy! Here's a little hint to what it's like...
Me: How much?
Her: 300 something qui (too much)
Me: No way to much.
Her: How much to you want to give me?
Me: 100
Her: No!!! We wouldn't make any money and you offer to little.
As I walk away not buying it she says something like "Rubbish, rubbish!" After awhile I think they usually give it to you, either when you come back or you can get it somewhere else in the store.
I don't know they just get loud. It' pretty fun bargaining!!!! Oh and most of them know quite a lot of english because of talking so much to foreigner's.
Anyway after that we went to Lunch at the "Blue Frog". We sat in a beautiful little spot over looking a little, tree covered street. We were upstair's on big red booth's next to a window. There were pictures plastered on the Rich blue wall and the air was sweet.
We ordered, ate and talked and laughed. I asked the waitress if I could get a refill on coke and she said "No, only on ice tea or coffee" Okay...
She then came back about 20 minutes later and said "Can I get you a refill!" I was like yeah! Maybe because she heard it was my birthday :)
They brought out three plate's of brownie's which I didn't order, and everybody (in our group) sang Happy Birthday to me... In English then in Chinese :)
It was lovely.
Back to the train station we headed and home again, home again we went, taking pictures along the way.
So here is some pictures of my day! I could tell you so much more in person.

Becca, Leah and I at the fake market 

Some laughter taking place :) 
The beautiful tree's! 
If you look at the top of the small building you can see a face. 
Train Station!  
Lydia and I lost in thought, or should I say Music. 
The train as I walk by (it's not going!) 
The four girls, as were about to board the train 
About to leave! 
                                                                           Love, A


"My" Noun's...

My adorable little kitten, Shasta :)
She looks a little big here even though she's small-ish. 
I'm turning 15 in three days! Those are my pretty candles :) 
He is a field next to our house which I love! It's look cloudy in this picture though! It was actually kinda sunny that day 
My friend Lydia and bethy running for me

Someday very soon, my sisters, two friends and I are going to have a picnic on that hill. In the sun. It will be lovely. 
See theres some sun! Sometimes the sky get's so blue (blue with pollution) and the clouds are BEAUTIFUL!

"Our" Moon. The same one we all look at even if miles apart.
And here my friends is a drink you get here called "Pearl Milk Tea".
I will describe it... It is tea with lot's of sugar and milk in it and it has these gelatin balls at the bottom.  There reallllly good and we've kinda got a little bit addicted to them. We have a big place near us called "Times Square" and they have a little "Coco" shop there where we get the pearl milk tea's. They are 6 qui, (or 8 for a large) which is about a doller.
The big straw is for getting the jelly things out. If you come here I will SO get these with you. And I hope you like them.


My little photogenic street and muffin.

I know this is a really random post. This is our share of the neighborhood. This is our street. There is the main street leading to all the side street's but i'll just put a picture up of the one we live on. The little muffin I got today at an "Expat" get together thing and decided not to eat it but save it and take a picture instead.
Pink Polkadots and Chocolate are a cute combination :)
It's getting so warm here now, and my day today has been very happy. I just started working on Sara Bareilles's song called Bluebird~ By the way if you haven't heard Sara Bareilles's cd "Kaleidoscope Heart" you need to. I love it!!!!! And my brother Matt got it for me for Christmas so it makes it even more special.
Love you all!
Are house is on the right side about three down. 
                                                                           Love, A



Ni hao! Wo da ming zi shi Annie. Wo lai zi mei gua. Wo you si ge gege, yi ge jie jie he lian ge mei mei.
Wo you yi ge xiao mao. Ta shi hun ka ai! Wo hun ai mei gua!!! He zhong gua. Wo zhu zi zhong gua.
Wo xi huan kan shu dan shi wo bu xi huan kan dian shi. Wo da baba da ming zi shi Thom. Wo da mama da ming zi shi Dina.

Ni hao!
Ni hao!
Ghe ge shi shen ma? Duo shou chen?
Yi bai ba shi si qui.
Xie xie!
Zai Jien!

I can say all that to you if you want someday!
Also I can say a lot more words but there not necessarily in a sentence that I can speak yet.
I don't know how many words I can say over all maybe tomorrow I will ask Bessie our tutor.
Well I suppose I should give a translation? Okay.

Hello! My name is Annie. I came from America. I have four older brothers, one older sister and two younger sisters. I have a kitten. She is really cute! I really love America! And China. I live in China.
I like reading but I don't like watching tv (not necessarily true!). This is my Dad his name is Thom. This is my Mom her name is Dina. 

What is this? How much?
184 qui.
Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this! I don't think I spelled everything right and every word also has tones which is so hard! There are four tones... One goes up, one goes down, one goes down up and one goes straight!!! ahh! So bye! Annie Rose. 


Kind of a lot to say

Yesterday was really quite fun! Actually we did so much so here's the story...

We hopped on a bus at about 9:30 a.m and it was sooooooo crowded! We thought that since it was a holiday we might or might not get seats... well us girls and my Dad got to sit down but it was still super crowded. Our friends who were meeting us couldn't get on so they got on another bus. We got to our destination, which by the way was a Mountain! There was this bridge that you could walk across over a marsh which was really fun! You have to pay to get in and hike but it wasn't that much and we hiked up to the top and had a ton of fun! We were looking out at the city and all the chinese people weren't even looking at the scenery, instead they were focused on looking at us. At one point, while waiting for the Mom's (with the lunch) Leah, Becca and I sat down on a big rock and about 30 or more people SWARMED in on us (mostly young men ;) and began taking pictures either with us or just of us. It was literally hilarious and there were sooooo many people. My cheeks got sore. After the mountain we hiked down and ate lunch. Thennnn, we found this ride sort of thing. It was a huge plastic ball and two people could get in and they would push you out into the pond/lake. Lydia and I tried it and it is soooo much fun!
Your just in this ball in the water and you can do anything!!!!! Once we get the pictures I will so put them up and show you how much fun this is.
After everything had been done, including getting street food such as Pineapple and cotton candy it was about 4:00 p.m or 5:00 p.m (I don't know) we decided to go out to dinner at Malone's (american food!)
With everybody! It was yummy! The bus to it was again, so crowded and very stuffy and no seats but it wasn't that long. Lydia and Leah came home with us and spent the night (a great way to end your super day) The End.

I got sunburnt on my face but to tell you the truth, I haven't had much color for awhile and to get a little red (hopefully to turn into tan!) was a little nice. hahahaha. Pictures to come of that whole day :)

(Not my favorite of me but thanks to Bethy for taking these) 
Today we walked down to our neighborhood market place and I got two cute little notebooks, and an awesome Rainbow umbrella!!!! It's so cool and very "Snazzy". I love it and I now have my own, rainbow umbrella~

(Credit to Bethy for taking these)


So beautifully warm!

Usually my pictures are of Bethy (who is photogenic) so today I will put some up of "The blogger" otherwise known as Me. Sometime i'll take some more and put them up :)

Love you all!


Baby next-door

There's a baby boy next-door! We went and saw him and he's so cute :)
They asked if we could think of an english name for him so we might get to pick out his name.

His little clothes hanging up are so sweet so here are the pictures I took of them! (I don't know if I should tell you this but there a little bit edited... well only the color a little)