My Birthday part 1

My birthday!!!! Well, Well, Well, I along with my sister's, Mom, and Lydia, Leah and there Mom, went to Shanghai for my We got up early, took the bus to the train station (just my Mom and us three girls, were getting very comfortable) and there we met my Wirgau friends :)
We got on the high speed train which I think goes like 210 miles per hour of something! Shanghai was so great!!! We shopped at this fake market and bargained (and I mean really arguing and everything!) for lot's of fun stuff as you will see sometime soon :) Rachael and my Aunt Judy joined us and there presence is lovely!! haha. I love having Aunt Judy along! And Rachael was a must.
The bargaining was just crazy! Here's a little hint to what it's like...
Me: How much?
Her: 300 something qui (too much)
Me: No way to much.
Her: How much to you want to give me?
Me: 100
Her: No!!! We wouldn't make any money and you offer to little.
As I walk away not buying it she says something like "Rubbish, rubbish!" After awhile I think they usually give it to you, either when you come back or you can get it somewhere else in the store.
I don't know they just get loud. It' pretty fun bargaining!!!! Oh and most of them know quite a lot of english because of talking so much to foreigner's.
Anyway after that we went to Lunch at the "Blue Frog". We sat in a beautiful little spot over looking a little, tree covered street. We were upstair's on big red booth's next to a window. There were pictures plastered on the Rich blue wall and the air was sweet.
We ordered, ate and talked and laughed. I asked the waitress if I could get a refill on coke and she said "No, only on ice tea or coffee" Okay...
She then came back about 20 minutes later and said "Can I get you a refill!" I was like yeah! Maybe because she heard it was my birthday :)
They brought out three plate's of brownie's which I didn't order, and everybody (in our group) sang Happy Birthday to me... In English then in Chinese :)
It was lovely.
Back to the train station we headed and home again, home again we went, taking pictures along the way.
So here is some pictures of my day! I could tell you so much more in person.

Becca, Leah and I at the fake market 

Some laughter taking place :) 
The beautiful tree's! 
If you look at the top of the small building you can see a face. 
Train Station!  
Lydia and I lost in thought, or should I say Music. 
The train as I walk by (it's not going!) 
The four girls, as were about to board the train 
About to leave! 
                                                                           Love, A


  1. Beautiful. Sounds like a great day! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. It looks like you had a lovely birthday! I'm glad they refilled your coke, too.