Trying to capture your fancy

Hello again, looks like I've taken a week off from blogging whether I meant to or not! Anyway I've taken lots of pictures and edited them and such and have decided to put them up and let you chose three that are your favorite. So please if you read this post, I would love for you to comment and make me happy. Here goes...
p.s. #2 is taken by my little sister Beth. "Happy choosing!"












Love, A


A couple pictures of me :)

Hey! I tried taking some pictures of myself the other day and then Becca graciously took some for me!
So here are some pictures of me and the other one is of my new purse that I got and LOVE!!!!

                                                              Love you all! Love, A


Couldn't quite fly away

"I didn't let them fly away. They're only paper. Instead I took pictures of them "trying" to fly away."

Someday I want to make a video of my tiny Cranes, or a stop-motion video :) That would be great wouldn't it?!

Sorry I've been a little absent lately... I guess I haven't been in the writing mood and I've (the slightest bit) run out of things to take good pictures of. So yeah.

We've been hanging out with the Wirgau's A LOT since we got home three weeks ago (almost) which I love because I love them! Tonight our family is having a barbecue, which I'm also pumped about because I absolutely love barbecues and miss having them ever so much! Literally I'm going to write a post or something, sometime about what I'm missing right now.

I'm going to work on my biography soon... Get a new picture of me and just freshen up things!

Anyway I hope you enjoy these photo's of my adorable, little, cranes that my friend Jade Hancock made for me :) Thanks Jade!!

                                                                  I love you, Love, A


azalea blue

There! My new blog name is "azalea blue" How do you like it? I for one, love it. Anyway, from now on to get to my blog, type in and continue to follow me! I love you all and hopefully there are no problems with getting here again. Love, A



For some reason I can't find very many words to write out in a post other than this... I miss my brother's. It's my oldest brother Matt's birthday today and so we all naturally miss him and Ben and William.

Oh and some turquoise rain boots with a very satisfying shadow in a puddle.

                                                                             Love, A


Humidity in a puddle.

        I wish I could take a picture of the humidity here... oh well here's something pretty close to it!
                 Today we hopped on the 120 and headed to Auchan, where we met up with Leah.
                         Us four girls found a little tiny swimming pool, and decided it would be
                                   fun to buy and set up on our fourth floor balcony tonight...
                                                                     I'm excited.
                            We also have lemonade and a canopy to keep out the mosquito's :)


                 There will hopefully be some pictures of tonight someday, so keep your's eyes open.
                                                                I love you all! Love, A


Home again, home again!!!

Were home! We arrived home Thursday night and it's been wonderful! Okay so a couple things...
It. Is. So. Hot. I mean the humidity is so intense that you're just plain wet! And my hair goes kinda crazy. So far I like it but at the same time it's pretty... UGH. We saw Lydia and Leah (along with their whole family) yesterday which was SO nice!! I missed them a ton and am glad to be back along side them. We also got our sweet kitten Shasta back yesterday. I missed her too!

An American note: I MISS AMERICA! I miss my friends a ton (I have the best friends period,) and the food and people. As we were driving to the airport in California to hop on that plane back to China we sang "God bless America" and thinking of leaving my country brought some tears to my eyes.

Another Chinese note: I am continuing to love China and living here and again, am glad to be home.

                                                                            Love, A


Photo's of the month~

Hey everybody! I am not back to China yet but I thought I would share a bunch of pictures of the last month! This last month has of course been AMAZING!!! There's gonna be plenty of story's to tell everybody when I get home!
Colorado is SUPER DUPER gorgeous!!! The sky was breath-taking most everyday!! 
Magical day! 
Mikayla's (She's in the purple) birthday at "Zheng" restaurant!!!! I'm in the Red and Becca is in the Yellow :)
(Taken by my sister, Beth Jones)

The AMAZING swing ride, up at the Glenwood caverns that takes you out over the canyon!!! I've been on it a total of 12 times now, counting when I lived here :)
Look it up on google!!!!

Love, A