Photo's of the month~

Hey everybody! I am not back to China yet but I thought I would share a bunch of pictures of the last month! This last month has of course been AMAZING!!! There's gonna be plenty of story's to tell everybody when I get home!
Colorado is SUPER DUPER gorgeous!!! The sky was breath-taking most everyday!! 
Magical day! 
Mikayla's (She's in the purple) birthday at "Zheng" restaurant!!!! I'm in the Red and Becca is in the Yellow :)
(Taken by my sister, Beth Jones)

The AMAZING swing ride, up at the Glenwood caverns that takes you out over the canyon!!! I've been on it a total of 12 times now, counting when I lived here :)
Look it up on google!!!!

Love, A

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  1. I love your photos Annie! The month of July was pretty amazing this year, but it went by WAY too fast. Love you! xoxo