Home again, home again!!!

Were home! We arrived home Thursday night and it's been wonderful! Okay so a couple things...
It. Is. So. Hot. I mean the humidity is so intense that you're just plain wet! And my hair goes kinda crazy. So far I like it but at the same time it's pretty... UGH. We saw Lydia and Leah (along with their whole family) yesterday which was SO nice!! I missed them a ton and am glad to be back along side them. We also got our sweet kitten Shasta back yesterday. I missed her too!

An American note: I MISS AMERICA! I miss my friends a ton (I have the best friends period,) and the food and people. As we were driving to the airport in California to hop on that plane back to China we sang "God bless America" and thinking of leaving my country brought some tears to my eyes.

Another Chinese note: I am continuing to love China and living here and again, am glad to be home.

                                                                            Love, A

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