A few colorful spoons

This cup makes our kitchen look pretty, Jeanette make sure you look!
I think I just like water/ice, its just pretty.
Colorful SPOONS!
Don't you love Color?! <3

Take notice of the droplet's of water~


Big time difference.

I am about to go to bed but I think I will post about the time difference and sleep.
China is 15 hours ahead of Colorado so how we figure it out is, say its 8:54 pm here (which it really is, why am I going to bed?) You go back 12 hours to 8:54 in the morning for you guys (in Colorado) and then take off 3 more hours making it 15 hours taken off and making it 5:54 in the morning, ta da! It might be a bit confusing but its fun being a whole day ahead of you guys :)
I love sleep! We have this nice big bed (that I either sleep in with Becca and Beth or sometimes just Becca) and it, as Becca says "It takes away your sleep" what she means is that it takes it away when your sleeping and so you sleep all night! I just like sleep but I also enjoy being awake so i'm glad God invented both. Goodnight.
Oh and do you like my new background? I got a little tired of the last one (already) so I changed it to this one. Have a great day and if you want to, you can think about me sleeping. Here is a picture of us "Three little girls" going to bed~



 Happy Wednesday! Mine's a little bleak outside but i've had a nice day. Hope you enjoy my photos.


Tuesday in Suzhou (Somewhat of a typical day for us)


Today I woke up, went downstairs and started off my Tuesday with eating (like usual :) Then my two brothers came! Andrew and William were in Shanghai (Andrew lives there and William was there for a little bit) They came pretty early and it was nice having some boys in the house again (since Ben left and Matt is not normally here :() Andrew looked through some of his stuff that had come in our shipment and took care of his Cello. William headed up to his room to put away his things from his trip. We then played a game of Phase 10 which is such a great game! Andrew, Becca, Bethy and I all played and it was fun!
Then after a while we decided to go to Singa Plaza. We got on a bus and got off at Singa. Sometimes you see stray cats and now I actually look since i'm very possibly getting one.
We first went to a bakery and got some pastries. Then we went to..... Starbucks! And sat around and drank coffee and talked with "Our Chuthers". After that we went to a dvd store and looked for some of our movies that we have gotten rid of because we were coming here, you can't find a whole lot of old classics :( The funny thing is you can find a movie there about the day after it comes out! But there usually bad quality are sometimes filmed by someone holding there camera at the tv. We walked down to a grocery store, A western one! Got my Mom and got on the bus home. It was fun and brothers made it more fun.


Ice, Ice, Ice



Sometimes I just love taking pictures of cool things with my brothers camera, which takes really clear photos. Bethy (I guess) froze some ice in a cup and it looks really cool so I took some pictures. 


Long John Sunday

I now love long johns!
Let the blooooooood flow                                          
Pink and Gray and a little white                                  
Me... in a cabinet smiling :)                       
A perfect striped star!                                    
Aren't we artsy?                                  
Five in a row                               
and another five in a row...                                              
Double layer long johns                                              
Becca, Bethy and I just got long johns. The idea came from our good friends Lydia and Leah. Tonight they are sleeping over. So we call it a long john Sunday.


Eyes, legs, and feet with the exception of Bulbs and Bubbles.

                                                                         I like eyes
                                                                      There Colorful
                                                             And they make you see!
                                                    Soapy water with drops of water in it
                                         Shanghai Skyline drawn on the leg of Bethy by Matt
                                                              "I love you little sister!"
                                                                   Isn't it awesome?
                                                                    Soapy bubbles
                                          I like the focus on the bulbs and a blurry background
                                                         Yellow, White, Green, Brown


Lights, Ferris Wheel, Suzhou at night!

Finally!!! Some fun pictures that I took with Andrews nice camera.
A couple are edited the slightest bit but otherwise just sharpened.
My Dad and and Ben and Beth headed out into the COLD with me to get some pictures of the lights so here they are!

                         So how do you like Suzhou at night? Its really pretty! January 9th 2011