this and this

 Yesterday I did this. 
 And this.
 And this.
And this.
I'll be posting about this picture here soon :)
And it all made me happy. 
Love, me


it's a bag

My newly acquired item.
I'm lovin' the little smiley face guy with the crooked eyes up there.

I'll post soon about other such things to be happy about.
Love, me



Sing those words to the tune of "Diet Mountain Dew" by Lana Del Rey and think of Suzhou getting blown fiercely about and soaked through and through.

Don't worry though, we're all safe. 
Love, me

p.s. I like the word typhoon. I may have to use it again.


don't let me fall

Try listening to this song,
while sleeping on a coach,
because it's 100 degrees.
The fan is gently blowing cool air onto your skin.
The moon and the stars are above you and all of a sudden you can relate to the song and that makes you feel really happy.
I won't soon forget how it felt.