good gone girl

These days have been filled with multiple (and I mean like three times each) trips to College Town and Times Square. These days have been irresistibly gorgeous. And the breeze? Oh goodness. September baby, New York City. These days I use my e-bike to go most places. And if not on that, it's either on a bike, bus or we walk. So it's all good.

I know I say this a lot but I love living in this city. 
I love life and the way he blesses me.
I love people.

These are from yesterday when we went to Times Square. We were eating seaweed. We'd just been shopping. We'd just got Cocos and talked for a while. 
We're tight.

Love, me

p.s. Imagine Dragons.


those songs || you know?

You know how sometimes you'll get really into a song and it'll be on repeat for a certain part of your life. And then slowly you start listening to other stuff and that song fades slowly away.  
Then one day you turn that song back on again because it's still one of your many favorites and immediately it brings you straight back to that certain time in your life, and you can even remember smells and feelings from that time. Oh man I love music. Those special songs that connect you to special or even insignificant times in your life. 
Close your eyes and that'll help you picture it to a point.

This one is my couple of weeks before Summer vacation song.
This song is my driving along the coast towards San Diego song.
This one is my look out the airplane window and feel overwhelmed song.
And this one is my miss my brothers like a lot song.

And sometimes when I hear a certain song, my heart gives a little jump and then I feel sort of queer.
Lately it's been Coldplay and Colbie Caillat. They're both making me homesick for West Nanjing Street (Shanghai). Weird huh!?

Love, me

p.s. Nine pictures for a header. Whatdoyathinkofthat!?


too pretty

It's been like two weeks since I've posted. I think it'll probably be this way pretty much always.
Just wanted you all to know that. Hopefully I'll keep posting and you lovely people who read my blog often will keep following. I'd love it if you would. :D

Here are some pictures of a really beautiful night. Too pretty really.

Love, me