good gone girl

These days have been filled with multiple (and I mean like three times each) trips to College Town and Times Square. These days have been irresistibly gorgeous. And the breeze? Oh goodness. September baby, New York City. These days I use my e-bike to go most places. And if not on that, it's either on a bike, bus or we walk. So it's all good.

I know I say this a lot but I love living in this city. 
I love life and the way he blesses me.
I love people.

These are from yesterday when we went to Times Square. We were eating seaweed. We'd just been shopping. We'd just got Cocos and talked for a while. 
We're tight.

Love, me

p.s. Imagine Dragons.


  1. Had so much fun, those memories are def with me forevsss :D

  2. I love this! Awesome pictures!