the last time it was hot

See that green, checkered bracelet? That's the one I got on the last day I saw Kellie. I wore it for about 2 months straight and then it fell off.  Now it's safely in my closet :)
The first and the fourth pictures are of me.

I was looking back through some photos from last Summer and I had a little editing spree of sorts. I love all the bright colors and the way you can tell that it's 100 degrees outside. As good as last Summer was, I think this one might be even (way) better. And it's finally getting hot here in Suzhou too!

Malachi and Kellie won't be there to greet me though... and I think it's going to hit me really hard when I see all my American buddies again. It's been two months today and I still can't wrap my mind around it. I'm always missing them <3

x, a

p.s. I have two gorgeous younger sisters. My older sister Rachael? Ohhoho. Same. 


our little corner of the city

The other day I walked around my neighborhood and walked down streets that I hadn't walked down for ages. Empty houses with broken fences standing next to full houses with everything perfectly intact. It's odd here in China... when someone buys a house they basically get to design the entire inside of the house... And one day all of a sudden (or after months of incredibly loud drilling and hammering) there's a "new" house on your street.

I'm glad this is the only house I've ever known here in Suzhou. It feels so much like home.

Those aren't bars on the windows... I was standing behind a gate :)

x, a