Walking, running, snapping, lovely!

Last night William's best friend Aaron arrived in Suzhou! He is staying for like 4 weeks with us!
This morning we took a walk and I walked by a beautiful pink blossom tree and the sky was so blue. So Becca and I rode all the way back on our bikes and I grabbed the camera and took these pictures.
I edited one that is not on here and it is really pretty!!! Maybe sometime I will put it on here. Oh and one very important thing... I made another "Picture" blog. It is basically just going to be pictures. It's called so please check it out! Peace! Love you all :)
P.S. my left foot looks a little small because i'm scrunching my foot :)

Spring and a random mix of pretty

Spring is pretty much here! It still gets cold and windy but it is "officially" here! The grass was oh so green and Bethy's and Becca's feet were bare. It was warm and the air was pretty much fresh because of the rain a couple days before, (When it doesn't rain the pollution is kinda bad)

So here are my pictures! Ennnnnnnjoy!


Friends do random thing's... Good posting materiel :)

Yesterday Lydia and Leah came over. We played lot's of games. At one point of our time Lydia and I sat on my stair case and drank coffee while telling each other of our family tradition's. Drinking coffee is so nice! Lately I have liked it just black :)
We told of past Christmas's, Easter's, fun summer activity's, and of family road trip's etc.
When we talked about everything we did in the car on the way to where ever we were going it made me think back and really imagine it again. I love road trip's so much and with all my family there, nobody can get out and were stuck together for hours! We always kept a trip journal (Super funny) and now we can also look back at those and laugh. My last road trip was just last Summer on our way back from California after China so i'm not really being deprived of them yet :)
The next morning when us girls woke up we played more games and my Mom brought out Pineapple and Chocolate! It was a good combination... Tangy, rich, sweet and pineapple-y chocolate-y!
I don't have pictures of the last few days but I will try to charge the battery and take some pictures soon!
By the way...! Our kitten... Becca and I have decided to share one. (other one were looking for another home now). She is so cute and were enjoying her!!!! Her name is Shasta~
I got the name from the Horse and his boy, Narnia book and it was kinda supposed to be for my own boy kitten but she fit's it and and I love the name! She is black, brown, cream, cinnamon, and she has blue eyes :)
I guess I kind of have a full name for her which is like 5 names but her official real full name is this:
Shasta Clover Jones (her original name was Clover so yeah) She's cute!
I love you all and maybe next post will be my pictures of our blue sky one day! T.T.F.N

One more thing... My Mom took Becca and I to the orphanage here. I will do a post on that too.



Happy Birthday Daddy! I have to go like right now but I wanted to make you feel special and loved today!
I love you sooo much!!!! Thanks for the beautiful kitten! LOVE YOU! Annie Rose.



Today we were suprised with two kittens!!! One of them we are going to keep and both Becca and I think is adorable! The other we are probably going to give back to the owner's and possibly get another one for either Becca or I. We don't have an official name yet but if it becomes my own then i'll share the name later.

She's about 2 month's old!



Da Jia Hao! Lately I have not been taking many pictures. Probably because the camera battery needs to be charged but also because I haven't been outside much and there's not anything right at this moment that I want to take a picture off. So... Sorry but this blog post will just be short with no purpose other then doing a blog post! Has anyone ever heard of a thing called Pearl Milk Tea? It's tea with milk and sugar and then the fun part of it is they put these gelatin balls in the tea and you have a big straw and you suck them out, and it's really good! If any of you ever want to come to China I will buy you a milk tea, cause there really good...
Today I had Oreo ice cream! Then I had Haribo gummy bears! Food... I played two games of one of our favorites right now, called Settlers of Catan. Sometime I need to take some of the hard things here and turn them into a post. Because you know the Jones family is not just going around having fun and loving every single thing about life right now :)
Right now i'm still reading Narnia and love it! I am starting Voyage of the dawn treader today sometime, and only two more to go after that! I'm excited about the Last Battle!
On facebook I just saw a video of my friends doing a scene from there play Cinderella and it was so good!
I wished I was there watching it though.
Yesterday I learned to say my birthday and all the month's which are super easy once you know your numbers. January is Yi Yue which means 1 month! (Yi is one, er is two and yue is month) February is Er Yue which means 2 month's and so on!
My birthday is Yi Jiu Jiu Liu Nian, Sir yue, er shi yi ri. Oh yeah! Chinese is hard but worth it (I think).
Andrew (my brother) and I are writting/ playing several songs right now! Fun!
Okay these pictures are of this rainbow thing I have and I took some pictures of it. Aren't they sweet? And random?
I love you all and thanks for keeping up with me :) Love, Annie.
By the way Da Jia Hao means Hello Everybody :)



Hey everybody! Sorry it's been awhile! I've been in Shanghai with my family since Wednesday night so yeah! Let me tell you of my week...
Becca my sister turned 12 on March 10th! So we headed down to Shanghai from Wednesday night to Saturday morning which is now.
My little foster baby cousin and my other cousin Aaron have the same birthday so we celebrated.
Maggie is just so cute and so much fun! We played lots of games of Settlers of Catan and had lots of food!
Becca's birthday consisted of this: Foot massages! We went to a professional place and got 1 hour long foot massages each for about 105 qui (american 16 dollers). It was lovely with the big comfy chair's and its dark and theres trickling water and soft music playing and they rug you back and shoulders and feet!
It is a little hurtful at times but nice. It was a fun week and Shanghai is such a great place! I'll do another post soon! Love you all! Annie.

P.S. Sorry for "No" pictures.
P.S.S. Sometime I will do a post about some of the harder things in life here in Suzhou (there are quite a few things that are a little bleak and such :)


Photo's of the fam.

I suppose it's always fun to see more photos of my family :)
Everybody except Rachael and Andrew, (so not everybody :)

Bethy on the morning of her Birthday with her brand new "Kanani"

Finally a picture of my parents! In front of Royal Peninsula (our compound)
These are some good ones! Enjoy!
My, oh so good looking siblings!!! Andrew and Rachael.


Oh such bright bubbly balloons!

Here are some more pictures of balloons I took. I do love balloons right now (there really pretty in (pictures). If you keep up with my blog, thanks! I enjoy writing and posting pictures! Wo Ai Ni! (a.k.a I love you)


My 13 hours, in my city

Today was kind of full, and kind of not. Here is my day according to my mind :)

1) I woke up and ate breakfast like always.
2) Read... I have started Narnia and am on Prince Caspian so far and I like them (of course?!) I have read a lot the past few days :)
3) Just more getting ready stuff and such...
4) An "Ayi" came, which is a lady who cleans our house (it was her first time today)
5) I fixed myself a plate with a hunk of cheese, bread and orange juice and went to my room and read and ate, nice combination of everything!
6) My Mom and us three girls headed to our big neighborhood center shopping place, where there's a fresh market and a Vanguard (a grocery store) and a coffee place and bakery's and stuff and got some things.
(Just so you know the actual place isn't amazing but we know it quite well now and the "Cafe Ti Amo" is nice!)
7) We got home and decided to go out to dinner. We get on bus #156 and head to Times Square to Secret Recipe, where I got a Soup and french fries!
8) Get on the computer and do a blog post!

So thats my day, leaving out things here and there obviously (who could say every single little thing they did that whole entire day?) And it rained/drizzled tonight which was nice! I am headed to Shanghai on Wednesday until Saturday for Becca's along with my cousin Aaron and other (hopefully) cousin little Maggie's birthday! Maggie is the cutest thing!!!! It will be Super fun! I love you all and miss you too!

                                             <3, Annie Rose


Really cute, 2 qui notebooks!

Yesterday was the baby diaper shopping day. It was successful! At Aushon, there are the cutest little notebooks! They have lots of different styles and have really cute picture's or patterns on them. I bought one for my friend Leah and two for myself yesterday :) Aren't they so cute?!

On the front of them they don't make any sense. It's whats called "Chinglish" here and we laugh about it all the time! Sometime I will do a post about some of the ones we've seen. But anyway the chinglish on my two notebooks go like this: "Mathematic's is a useless waste of energy on what a complete waste of time to learn why". What??? Next is this: "Beautiful life, As long as you pay attention to things around, everywhere will find a better life". Yep its pretty funny! :) 
By the way, did you like my balloon pictures? 


How do you like my new balloon's?

I just took some picture's of Bethy and I with her balloons, and I thought that instead of a post I could put them as a gadget and be able to see them more often! This one though, I want to be big :) Hope you like bright balloons! I do :)