Really cute, 2 qui notebooks!

Yesterday was the baby diaper shopping day. It was successful! At Aushon, there are the cutest little notebooks! They have lots of different styles and have really cute picture's or patterns on them. I bought one for my friend Leah and two for myself yesterday :) Aren't they so cute?!

On the front of them they don't make any sense. It's whats called "Chinglish" here and we laugh about it all the time! Sometime I will do a post about some of the ones we've seen. But anyway the chinglish on my two notebooks go like this: "Mathematic's is a useless waste of energy on what a complete waste of time to learn why". What??? Next is this: "Beautiful life, As long as you pay attention to things around, everywhere will find a better life". Yep its pretty funny! :) 
By the way, did you like my balloon pictures? 


  1. I really loved the balloons. Balloons happen to be one of my most favorite things.

    Ok. Here's how you make a tab on your page:

    Go to your dashboard. Click Edit Posts. There'll be a little blue button that says New Post and another one that says Search. Above them, you'll see New Post, Edit Posts (where you are) and the Edit Pages. Click Edit Pages, and create a new page!

    Super simple and easy, just very hidden. :)

  2. Thanks Katie! I did the new page thing. My little sister came and asked me if I wanted to take pictures of the balloons and I was like, um... Yes! I love the sun behind them. Thanks for commenting! Does Anna have a blog? I would love to see any blogs you like!