Da Jia Hao! Lately I have not been taking many pictures. Probably because the camera battery needs to be charged but also because I haven't been outside much and there's not anything right at this moment that I want to take a picture off. So... Sorry but this blog post will just be short with no purpose other then doing a blog post! Has anyone ever heard of a thing called Pearl Milk Tea? It's tea with milk and sugar and then the fun part of it is they put these gelatin balls in the tea and you have a big straw and you suck them out, and it's really good! If any of you ever want to come to China I will buy you a milk tea, cause there really good...
Today I had Oreo ice cream! Then I had Haribo gummy bears! Food... I played two games of one of our favorites right now, called Settlers of Catan. Sometime I need to take some of the hard things here and turn them into a post. Because you know the Jones family is not just going around having fun and loving every single thing about life right now :)
Right now i'm still reading Narnia and love it! I am starting Voyage of the dawn treader today sometime, and only two more to go after that! I'm excited about the Last Battle!
On facebook I just saw a video of my friends doing a scene from there play Cinderella and it was so good!
I wished I was there watching it though.
Yesterday I learned to say my birthday and all the month's which are super easy once you know your numbers. January is Yi Yue which means 1 month! (Yi is one, er is two and yue is month) February is Er Yue which means 2 month's and so on!
My birthday is Yi Jiu Jiu Liu Nian, Sir yue, er shi yi ri. Oh yeah! Chinese is hard but worth it (I think).
Andrew (my brother) and I are writting/ playing several songs right now! Fun!
Okay these pictures are of this rainbow thing I have and I took some pictures of it. Aren't they sweet? And random?
I love you all and thanks for keeping up with me :) Love, Annie.
By the way Da Jia Hao means Hello Everybody :)


  1. Two things: Narnia is the best. I love the first picture.

    About my camera. So sorry it took me so long to get back to you about this! I bought it off of Ebay for $200. It came with the body and two lenses, and I recently purchased a new lens. It's a Pentax K100D, and I use an 18-200mm and a 70-300mm. I just bought a prime 50mm, but it hasn't gotten here yet.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Thanks Katie! Thanks also for the information! I possibly might buy my brother's camera but i'm not sure yet if I will even buy one! Sounds like you got a good deal though!

  3. I'll sell you my camera!
    I'm getting a new one.
    My camera was wroth $1000 USD nine years ago, you remember it, right?
    it needs new batteries(AA's)
    and it does NOT take more than 32 seconds of soundless video at a time(why I am getting a new one, I want to take videos) and other than that, it is a great camera~
    How much are you looking to spend?