My 13 hours, in my city

Today was kind of full, and kind of not. Here is my day according to my mind :)

1) I woke up and ate breakfast like always.
2) Read... I have started Narnia and am on Prince Caspian so far and I like them (of course?!) I have read a lot the past few days :)
3) Just more getting ready stuff and such...
4) An "Ayi" came, which is a lady who cleans our house (it was her first time today)
5) I fixed myself a plate with a hunk of cheese, bread and orange juice and went to my room and read and ate, nice combination of everything!
6) My Mom and us three girls headed to our big neighborhood center shopping place, where there's a fresh market and a Vanguard (a grocery store) and a coffee place and bakery's and stuff and got some things.
(Just so you know the actual place isn't amazing but we know it quite well now and the "Cafe Ti Amo" is nice!)
7) We got home and decided to go out to dinner. We get on bus #156 and head to Times Square to Secret Recipe, where I got a Soup and french fries!
8) Get on the computer and do a blog post!

So thats my day, leaving out things here and there obviously (who could say every single little thing they did that whole entire day?) And it rained/drizzled tonight which was nice! I am headed to Shanghai on Wednesday until Saturday for Becca's along with my cousin Aaron and other (hopefully) cousin little Maggie's birthday! Maggie is the cutest thing!!!! It will be Super fun! I love you all and miss you too!

                                             <3, Annie Rose

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  1. So who pays for that nice soup and french fries... da ba ba! wo ai Annie.