Hey everybody! Sorry it's been awhile! I've been in Shanghai with my family since Wednesday night so yeah! Let me tell you of my week...
Becca my sister turned 12 on March 10th! So we headed down to Shanghai from Wednesday night to Saturday morning which is now.
My little foster baby cousin and my other cousin Aaron have the same birthday so we celebrated.
Maggie is just so cute and so much fun! We played lots of games of Settlers of Catan and had lots of food!
Becca's birthday consisted of this: Foot massages! We went to a professional place and got 1 hour long foot massages each for about 105 qui (american 16 dollers). It was lovely with the big comfy chair's and its dark and theres trickling water and soft music playing and they rug you back and shoulders and feet!
It is a little hurtful at times but nice. It was a fun week and Shanghai is such a great place! I'll do another post soon! Love you all! Annie.

P.S. Sorry for "No" pictures.
P.S.S. Sometime I will do a post about some of the harder things in life here in Suzhou (there are quite a few things that are a little bleak and such :)

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