self portraits

Today I took some self portraits and messed around with some new editing tricks. Don't be fooled by my short sleeved shirt... it's still pretty freezing outside even if today was sunny and warmer than it has been for a while. 

I spent my day singing (at church), eating lunch with some of my Indian friends, getting coffee with my second, second, second cousin Annie and relaxing at home thinking about all the things I love best and also things that probably wouldn't make any sense to you. I like thinking but dang, it can get tiresome too. 

Now I'm sitting here in a sort-of-writing-mood, writing... since I've taken quite some time off. I hope you read my posts even if I only post every three weeks. And to my faithful readers... Thanks <3

And those pants up there? Those are not my pants. 

Love, me



Happy New Year!!
I'm already excited for 2013. So many adventures and fun things to come :)

On another note, I got new pants. I've been looking for this color of jeans and I finally found some just my size. Now I can start a new year with new pants... lucky me :)
Photo by Bethy.
Sorry Ben and William (and everybody else) that I haven't posted for a while! I try to get a good post together every week or so but I've been busy. William of all people should know that because he's the one making me and my family busy. It's so much fun having my big brother here again. That's who Ben and William are... my sweet big brothers.

I'll write again soon. <3
Love, me