Knott's Berry Farm = amazingness!

Yesterday was a day of thrill! We got to Knott's berry farm at 10:00 am and didn't leave until 10:00 pm!
It was my first time on a roller coaster and of course I loved it! One of the first roller coasters my Dad and I went on was called the "Xcelarator" and it shoot's you out and within 2 seconds your at 80 miles per hour!
You go straight up and then straight down and it is the most amazing thing!!!

There's another one that brings you up to the top of a really high building and then drops you and you fly SO fast to the bottom... My Dad and I get to the top and my Dad says "Look at the scenery" and "Look at California" and I'm like "Uh, Dad can I just focus on dropping!"  Your breathless and I tried to scream but I COULN'T! So basically it's crazy.

Another one called the "Perilous Plunge," your in a kind of boat-ish thing and it brings you up a ramp then turns and you go straight down the huge waterfall! It's just creepy!!!

I'll just tell you about one more... The Silver Bullet! This one has countless turns and spins and you go upside down. It's so smooth and fast and SUPER fun!!! Me and my Dad did them all together so it was super fun.

Okay thats all for right now!! We all enjoyed the day super, duper much! I love you Peng You's :) (that means friends)
                                                                         Love, A


California and me.

Here are some pictures of BEAUTIFUL California and theres some of me, ALL taken be my little sister Beth. I don't have the nice camera so there not that of quality, but they work for showing you what I'm experiencing right now, here in CA. Love you all!!!! I'm happy because it's my 70th post! Wow!
Oh and one more thing... We live in this beautiful house that my Uncle and Aunt bought, but aren't living in right now and it is so amazing and we are so blessed to be living here for these two weeks!

                                                                           Love, A


America :)

Well hello there!!! As you have heard (so jubilantly!!!!) I am in America!!! My days have been spent doing such fun things... Two days ago we got to spend the day with our great friends the Landino's. Since it was only one day we packed in so much talking! They have 6 kids and we hadn't seen there newest Violet Mei yet. Violet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We were SO happy to see them again and to see Violet for the first time! There three girls, Paige (15) Claire (12) and Ella (9) are us three girls good friends so we had a blast with them! I love you all Landino's!!!

Yesterday I woke up and my cousins Sam and Hannah took my sisters and I to Ice Cream on this adorable street. It was so much fun and I got Lemon Custard ice cream, because it was that sort of day. After throughly enjoying our ice cream and chatting like we do non-stop we stopped at a little store and I got a piece of paper. You know the big, fun, print kind of paper?! Mine has hot air balloon's on it and I'll probably do something amazing with it.

Then my Papa and Grandma arrived!!! We've had fun so far and we'll only have more fun with them!

Today I'll just spend time in this amazing house with my awesome family :)

I love you all and I'm so happy to be spending these 6 weeks in America, my home!!!!! Pictures to come sometime, although I don't have the nice camera with me so they'll be mostly to show you what I'm talking about :)
                                                                        Love, A



Hey everybody!!!! I have arrived in America!!!!! Okay so after being in China for 8 months it is soooo crazy coming to America again!!!!! Today should be going to Target getting Sour Patch (ahhhhhhhhh!) and everything American. The next 6 weeks will be seeing friends and so much more.
America is pretty amazing, and it's my country. LOVE!


Leaving in five minutes.

I am leaving!!! Going to America!!!! I haven't been home for 8 months so i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I won't be posting for a little bit now so see you later!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Love, A


My tiny bottle

Hey friend-y's!!!! In two days I will be on my way to America!!!! So... today were just packing and getting ready to go, which includes getting last minute things. My Mom, Bethy and I jumped on the bikes and rode down to our "Neighborhood Center." On the way there the weather was lovely and riding through a small part of the city (not the "huge" building part) was fun. In the candy store I got this little bottle stuffed with candy, and it is about an inch high and it's the cutest thing! The candy inside it is pink and white and I put a little piece of paper on it that says "I love you."

Oh and what I mean by on the way there, is that on the way back it was pouring and so, of course we got completely soaked riding home (which was also fun but not the best thing that could happen).
I am now in my pajama's/regular clothes and writing a blog post.

So here's to going home, little bottles and raindrops.
                                                                       With love from, A



Shasta, my little tiger.

My kitten Shasta is So cute... She's actually mine and Becca's kitten :)
I've always thought she looked like a little tiger, and our friends think they figured out that she's a Bengal mix cat. She's about four months old and she's so playful and crazy!

I thought that you should see a couple of pictures of her, since she's my kitty So without further             ado, here's Shasta~
                                                                                  Love, A
                        (Oh and i'm going to bed so it's basically three days until i'm leave!!!!!!!!!)


Flowers and a forest that needs photographing.

We have an e-bike. My sister's and I love to ride it around the neighborhood or outside our neighborhood and onto the park. Anyway today Beth and I went out and I took some pictures of some flowers or of the "pink hill."

There are these really little pink flowers everywhere. On most of the hills and such, and so that's what I mean by pink hills :)
I only wish you could see how magical the forest looks. There are trees scattered throughout the forest, and the ground is covered with the pink flowers. The trees cover the sky so it is a little darker in there but the pink brings a shimmer-y light!! It is so pretty and it's always so calm and beautiful (and magical!).
Whenever I take any pictures of the place they just don't show how pretty it is or what the lightings like or anything else. So... you need to come... if you want to see the forest.
Oh and if you thought I was going to put up a picture of the forest... I will soon, and for right now I'll let you imagine it :) Oh and the daisy's in my backyard are lovely too!!!! Daisy's are so gorgeous.

                                                                            I love you!
                                                                               Love, A


Let it rain baby!!!

Today was fun... I sat on our balcony reading as it poured. I was sitting there reading when I saw my sister running through the gallons of rain. I put down my book and ran outside. The rain was coming down so hard and it immediately drenched me and I started laughing :)
I love it when your just running through the rain and it's making your face wet, then it runs down your lips. :)

I ran in and got the camera and an umbrella and took a couple pictures, (I could hardly take pictures without getting the camera that wet.)

After a while I got cold so I came back in and took a hot shower. Then we headed for Secret Recipe for dinner and cake. It was cozy and warm.
                                                   Enjoy my rainy pictures friends!
Please if you read this do tell me how your day has been and what the weather has been like for you :)

                                                                          Love you!
                                                                           Love, A


The Best!

Okay, so this weekend we went to a church retreat. My family and I and our really good friends the Wirgau's went. We got there on Friday (a day earlier than the rest of the people) and let me tell you, we had a blast!!! We would have different church sessions which was fun! For one, Becca, Beth and I shared a hotel room with Lydia and Leah. Just us... So much fun!

For two, It was a really nice hotel/resort place.

For three, There was a pool, actually more like 8 pools ( including the little ones), an exercise room and ping pong table, where we played many a game of PING PONG!!!!!

For four, There was good food :) And sitting down to eat with everybody was just fantastic.

For five, David, Lydia, Leah, Jonathan and Benjo and us had SO many fun conversation's and a lot of laughs. A lot of laughs.

Us girls would stay up late and watch movies (actually we only watched one movie) or play games.

I just got back this Monday afternoon (about four days later), and after this retreat we had to say goodbye to the Wirgau's for a couple of months, because of they're heading home and ours. I already miss them (although I will see them soon, so no worries).

                                       I love you guys!!!! Thanks for an awesome weekend!!!!

                                                                          Love, A


I can't even think of a title!

Well, just 17 days until I'm headed back to the States! I'm SO excited but I'll miss it here too.

Tomorrow we're going to a weekend church retreat. It starts on Saturday but our family and our good friends are going a day early! So it's going to be super fun and I'm really excited!

That leads me to Andrew and Rachael. They're in Suzhou for the weekend and it's always SO great to have them here. They bring lots of joy into our home.

If you haven't heard much about Rachael and Andrew then let me tell you this: they decided to move to China before we did. So they live in Shanghai where they've lived at my Aunt's house and another house there. So they come down to Suzhou every so often and spend the weekend "Roving" around Suzhou, (I used my blog name word!.)

I'm going to make a new page! I think maybe two. So keep your eyes peeled for something new at the top :)

Oh and all these pictures might be a bit over-kill but oh well :o

All pictures taken by me.

And I think I want to change my blog look a little too, but need to find a cute background somewhere!!! 

            So now, here are some pictures that I took. I hope you really enjoy these like I do!!!!
                                                        Love you all and "Good Morning!"  

                                                                         Love, A