I can't even think of a title!

Well, just 17 days until I'm headed back to the States! I'm SO excited but I'll miss it here too.

Tomorrow we're going to a weekend church retreat. It starts on Saturday but our family and our good friends are going a day early! So it's going to be super fun and I'm really excited!

That leads me to Andrew and Rachael. They're in Suzhou for the weekend and it's always SO great to have them here. They bring lots of joy into our home.

If you haven't heard much about Rachael and Andrew then let me tell you this: they decided to move to China before we did. So they live in Shanghai where they've lived at my Aunt's house and another house there. So they come down to Suzhou every so often and spend the weekend "Roving" around Suzhou, (I used my blog name word!.)

I'm going to make a new page! I think maybe two. So keep your eyes peeled for something new at the top :)

Oh and all these pictures might be a bit over-kill but oh well :o

All pictures taken by me.

And I think I want to change my blog look a little too, but need to find a cute background somewhere!!! 

            So now, here are some pictures that I took. I hope you really enjoy these like I do!!!!
                                                        Love you all and "Good Morning!"  

                                                                         Love, A

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