America :)

Well hello there!!! As you have heard (so jubilantly!!!!) I am in America!!! My days have been spent doing such fun things... Two days ago we got to spend the day with our great friends the Landino's. Since it was only one day we packed in so much talking! They have 6 kids and we hadn't seen there newest Violet Mei yet. Violet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We were SO happy to see them again and to see Violet for the first time! There three girls, Paige (15) Claire (12) and Ella (9) are us three girls good friends so we had a blast with them! I love you all Landino's!!!

Yesterday I woke up and my cousins Sam and Hannah took my sisters and I to Ice Cream on this adorable street. It was so much fun and I got Lemon Custard ice cream, because it was that sort of day. After throughly enjoying our ice cream and chatting like we do non-stop we stopped at a little store and I got a piece of paper. You know the big, fun, print kind of paper?! Mine has hot air balloon's on it and I'll probably do something amazing with it.

Then my Papa and Grandma arrived!!! We've had fun so far and we'll only have more fun with them!

Today I'll just spend time in this amazing house with my awesome family :)

I love you all and I'm so happy to be spending these 6 weeks in America, my home!!!!! Pictures to come sometime, although I don't have the nice camera with me so they'll be mostly to show you what I'm talking about :)
                                                                        Love, A


  1. That sounds amazing Annie! I can't wait to see you! Ten days...but who's counting. :) xoxo.

  2. Oh nobody's counting :)

    I know I'll be there soon! love you!