The Best!

Okay, so this weekend we went to a church retreat. My family and I and our really good friends the Wirgau's went. We got there on Friday (a day earlier than the rest of the people) and let me tell you, we had a blast!!! We would have different church sessions which was fun! For one, Becca, Beth and I shared a hotel room with Lydia and Leah. Just us... So much fun!

For two, It was a really nice hotel/resort place.

For three, There was a pool, actually more like 8 pools ( including the little ones), an exercise room and ping pong table, where we played many a game of PING PONG!!!!!

For four, There was good food :) And sitting down to eat with everybody was just fantastic.

For five, David, Lydia, Leah, Jonathan and Benjo and us had SO many fun conversation's and a lot of laughs. A lot of laughs.

Us girls would stay up late and watch movies (actually we only watched one movie) or play games.

I just got back this Monday afternoon (about four days later), and after this retreat we had to say goodbye to the Wirgau's for a couple of months, because of they're heading home and ours. I already miss them (although I will see them soon, so no worries).

                                       I love you guys!!!! Thanks for an awesome weekend!!!!

                                                                          Love, A


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! See you very, very, very, SOON! xoxo.