My tiny bottle

Hey friend-y's!!!! In two days I will be on my way to America!!!! So... today were just packing and getting ready to go, which includes getting last minute things. My Mom, Bethy and I jumped on the bikes and rode down to our "Neighborhood Center." On the way there the weather was lovely and riding through a small part of the city (not the "huge" building part) was fun. In the candy store I got this little bottle stuffed with candy, and it is about an inch high and it's the cutest thing! The candy inside it is pink and white and I put a little piece of paper on it that says "I love you."

Oh and what I mean by on the way there, is that on the way back it was pouring and so, of course we got completely soaked riding home (which was also fun but not the best thing that could happen).
I am now in my pajama's/regular clothes and writing a blog post.

So here's to going home, little bottles and raindrops.
                                                                       With love from, A



  1. Great last days in Suzhou before we head to US. So glad you are having fun our new "little" town of Suzhou!