Flowers and a forest that needs photographing.

We have an e-bike. My sister's and I love to ride it around the neighborhood or outside our neighborhood and onto the park. Anyway today Beth and I went out and I took some pictures of some flowers or of the "pink hill."

There are these really little pink flowers everywhere. On most of the hills and such, and so that's what I mean by pink hills :)
I only wish you could see how magical the forest looks. There are trees scattered throughout the forest, and the ground is covered with the pink flowers. The trees cover the sky so it is a little darker in there but the pink brings a shimmer-y light!! It is so pretty and it's always so calm and beautiful (and magical!).
Whenever I take any pictures of the place they just don't show how pretty it is or what the lightings like or anything else. So... you need to come... if you want to see the forest.
Oh and if you thought I was going to put up a picture of the forest... I will soon, and for right now I'll let you imagine it :) Oh and the daisy's in my backyard are lovely too!!!! Daisy's are so gorgeous.

                                                                            I love you!
                                                                               Love, A


  1. Beautiful...*daydreaming*. xoxo

  2. Wow, that picture is awesome! I wish I was there to see the magical forest...

  3. You used to run by it a lot Ben! But I guess in the Summer its prettier :)

  4. Mikayla, your the best. Thanks for always commenting!!!!

  5. Ok its cool but it is nothing like the beauty in CO.
    And its not a forest!

  6. Not the best Annie, but thanks. I enjoy commenting. You're funny Becca :P. xoxo

  7. these are amazing :)

    so sorry about abandoning your blog! for some reason when you changed it, my Google Reader didn't switch it.

  8. Thanks Katie! Thats fine! Thanks for following :)