Knott's Berry Farm = amazingness!

Yesterday was a day of thrill! We got to Knott's berry farm at 10:00 am and didn't leave until 10:00 pm!
It was my first time on a roller coaster and of course I loved it! One of the first roller coasters my Dad and I went on was called the "Xcelarator" and it shoot's you out and within 2 seconds your at 80 miles per hour!
You go straight up and then straight down and it is the most amazing thing!!!

There's another one that brings you up to the top of a really high building and then drops you and you fly SO fast to the bottom... My Dad and I get to the top and my Dad says "Look at the scenery" and "Look at California" and I'm like "Uh, Dad can I just focus on dropping!"  Your breathless and I tried to scream but I COULN'T! So basically it's crazy.

Another one called the "Perilous Plunge," your in a kind of boat-ish thing and it brings you up a ramp then turns and you go straight down the huge waterfall! It's just creepy!!!

I'll just tell you about one more... The Silver Bullet! This one has countless turns and spins and you go upside down. It's so smooth and fast and SUPER fun!!! Me and my Dad did them all together so it was super fun.

Okay thats all for right now!! We all enjoyed the day super, duper much! I love you Peng You's :) (that means friends)
                                                                         Love, A

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  1. That sounds amazing, although I'm terrified of roller coasters. See you in FIVE days! xoxo.