Friends do random thing's... Good posting materiel :)

Yesterday Lydia and Leah came over. We played lot's of games. At one point of our time Lydia and I sat on my stair case and drank coffee while telling each other of our family tradition's. Drinking coffee is so nice! Lately I have liked it just black :)
We told of past Christmas's, Easter's, fun summer activity's, and of family road trip's etc.
When we talked about everything we did in the car on the way to where ever we were going it made me think back and really imagine it again. I love road trip's so much and with all my family there, nobody can get out and were stuck together for hours! We always kept a trip journal (Super funny) and now we can also look back at those and laugh. My last road trip was just last Summer on our way back from California after China so i'm not really being deprived of them yet :)
The next morning when us girls woke up we played more games and my Mom brought out Pineapple and Chocolate! It was a good combination... Tangy, rich, sweet and pineapple-y chocolate-y!
I don't have pictures of the last few days but I will try to charge the battery and take some pictures soon!
By the way...! Our kitten... Becca and I have decided to share one. (other one were looking for another home now). She is so cute and were enjoying her!!!! Her name is Shasta~
I got the name from the Horse and his boy, Narnia book and it was kinda supposed to be for my own boy kitten but she fit's it and and I love the name! She is black, brown, cream, cinnamon, and she has blue eyes :)
I guess I kind of have a full name for her which is like 5 names but her official real full name is this:
Shasta Clover Jones (her original name was Clover so yeah) She's cute!
I love you all and maybe next post will be my pictures of our blue sky one day! T.T.F.N

One more thing... My Mom took Becca and I to the orphanage here. I will do a post on that too.


  1. Hey Annie! I'm loving the blogs! But they make me miss you guys and Suzhou :( Lots of nice pictures to remind me of what it's like there. I'm so glad to see the green grass! I bet you guys are glad spring's here! Well, I love you and I'll talk to you soon,

  2. Thanks Ben! Yes the warm weather and the green grass is lovely!!!! I think it will probably stay now (it still gets chilly obviously) I love you and miss you!