Dark Light

I learned a new set of words. Well kind of. Mutually Exclusive. This beginning or a song (or poem) is a little bit "Mutually Exclusive" but not as much as say "Bad, Good". This picture is a little weird, oh well.

Dark Light
This time of day is different,
the light coming in is not bright.
The day has faded its color away
and made dark light.
The day has faded its color away...


  1. OF COURSE I remember you! I actually looked for you on Facebook the other day after we got your Christmas card, but I couldn't find you.

    So what's up in your life? :)

  2. Hey! I searched for you on facebook and I couldn't find you either! Is it Katie Bennett? My life well.. China! We had a foster baby for two and a half weeks which was super fun! We had her for my aunt (who is fostering her and went back to the states so we had to take care of her.) So what are you up to?