Big time difference.

I am about to go to bed but I think I will post about the time difference and sleep.
China is 15 hours ahead of Colorado so how we figure it out is, say its 8:54 pm here (which it really is, why am I going to bed?) You go back 12 hours to 8:54 in the morning for you guys (in Colorado) and then take off 3 more hours making it 15 hours taken off and making it 5:54 in the morning, ta da! It might be a bit confusing but its fun being a whole day ahead of you guys :)
I love sleep! We have this nice big bed (that I either sleep in with Becca and Beth or sometimes just Becca) and it, as Becca says "It takes away your sleep" what she means is that it takes it away when your sleeping and so you sleep all night! I just like sleep but I also enjoy being awake so i'm glad God invented both. Goodnight.
Oh and do you like my new background? I got a little tired of the last one (already) so I changed it to this one. Have a great day and if you want to, you can think about me sleeping. Here is a picture of us "Three little girls" going to bed~


  1. i dont like that one of me so much :) i'm vain

  2. I love the picture of ALL three of you. You each look beautiful. Funny thing is that I'm reading this at night so now you're probably getting out of church already and I'M the one heading to the next few hours anyways.

  3. This picture is sooooo cute! I'm definitely saving this one to my computer! :)...Oh! this is Mikayla. <3

  4. BECCA! that is a good pic!
    I look terrible in photos, you girls look good =)
    and this is Savannah Puckett, My screen name is 'basiasadie' =)
    please friend me =)