Colorado to Suzhou. 3 thousand to 6 million!

My blog is going to be quite a combination. I will have some of my music on it, at least the lyrics. Pictures and lots and lots about Suzhou (of course, hence the name.) Random fun pictures and writing's and really anything I want! I'll start with leaving home (New Castle) and coming to Suzhou, China and starting my somewhat new life.

Our goodbye party done by our church was amazing!!! It started at church, where they prayed for us, showed a slideshow and before we left they formed two big lines which stretched a long way.
We walked/ran through the lines. It was SO sad but the feeling it gave me was so cool! I ran through hugging and slapping hands and crying. The music they had playing was also very emotional so that added to the sadness. It was all great! Then was the party, which was beautiful! We enjoyed it SOO much and will always remember it. 
Then came the day we would leave. For the past seven years we have lived in Riverbend, and the beginning of the road to our neighborhood was what we (including lots of our friends) called "The end of the road" So for the last time we met some of our closest friends there and said goodbye. We drove off on the freeway, watching as New Castle became further and further away, and then, we said goodbye.

Then came Suzhou! We arrived in Suzhou sometime around the 6th of October and moved into our "Five Story House!" Several people were waiting for us at our new home. These people have become our good friends and have been so kind and helpful the past three months! We lived in Suzhou now! China!
                                                           Colorado view from our house.
                                                   Suzhou view from our house.


  1. It was definitely hard to see you and your family leave. We have so many good memories with you. I love looking through my photobooks and seeing pictures of all you girls with Taeya in many of them.
    I love the compare/contrast pictures of your view from your two homes.

  2. Thanks Megan! I love getting comments from you, keep commenting. haha.
    It was very hard for me to leave too. Taeya and you are such amazing friends!

  3. I love the view, and the neighborhood is so lonely without you guys and the Cronin's, you should call me soon, I got my phone working right again for now =) and I got an ipod touch!