My Family

A post about my family. Most of you already know everything about my family but there are some who don't and even if you do know about everybody its still fun being updated on them. So here goes.
Matt- 25 in August! Just came to Suzhou for a while and us siblings (including my Dad and Mom) had a awesome time! The day we came back from Shanghai without Matt was dull. He is a GREAT big brother. I love you Matt!
Ben- 23 in May, Is still here in Suzhou but is leaving soon, (so sad) He is very handsome (all my brothers are)
and I love him!

After Ben goes Rachael- Almost 21, but I don't have any single pictures or her. She lives in Shanghai with my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins and is learning Chinese, and she's doing so well! I wish I was that good by now. Andrew- Almost 19, is after her and is also in Shanghai learning Chinese. He is doing great too!

William- Almost 17, He's cool! Since we've been here in Suzhou
and partly in Shanghai William (and the rest of us)
have gotten into dressing up more. With glasses and
really stylish coats and scarves! William will probably
be staying in Colorado this year (in the summer) :(!!!
                                                                                   Me, 15 in April, looking back on the train home.

Rebecca- Almost 12. My little sister (who is almost as tall as me) Its great to have sisters! I'm so glad I have three that I love all very much!

Elisabeth- Almost 10, Is also my little sister. Beth and I share a room :) She misses Colorado A LOT! As do we all.
                         This is my good looking family on Christmas eve, all ready for church.
                                                         (Thats Rachael and Andrew too)          

                                                My four big brothers. Who are SO handsome!

Well theres my family (except for my Dad and Mom who will be in another post) Hope you liked my "people" post! (These pictures were taken on Andrew's nice camera and Matts camera)


  1. Matt is 25?! it's been a while sense I last saw him XD
    Becca's picture made me laugh, does she have a blog?

  2. Matt is turning 25 in august. Becca does not have a blog but she does have gmail.

  3. Dear Annie,
    I love your blog! It's beautiful and I just love all those folks you highlighted :-), they're even more beautiful! Can't wait to hear more from Anna Rose in Suzhou!

  4. Fun post. Great pictures too! I can't believe you're almost 15!!! Where does the time go? I was just looking at the pics of you holding Taeya at 6 months old and can't believe how young you look.

  5. I know Megan!!! Its in April so its still months away :)
    I like the pictures too! The one of Matt was taken my William on Andrew's nice camera and the one of Ben by Bethy. and the others ones were not all by me but oh well! Love you sooooo much!

  6. Julie, Thanks! I love my siblings too! Keep looking at my blog because I will be posting quite a lot I think. I will hopefully be posting some of my music.
    I don't know if I can post the actual song but at least the lyrics. I'm so excited your having a girl!!!! Love you all.

  7. Oh it was so good to get to see your family and to her about you new life! Colorado misses you!

  8. Aww thanks! Thanks Jessica for commenting!

  9. Hey! This is Krystine. I have photos of Rachael and Andrew if you want some. You can either copy and paste them from Thrice or I can email them to you, but I need your email address.

  10. Here are a few recent ones (you could crop Andrea out)
    And I have lots more!!!!

  11. Thanks Krystine! I might use them for future posts or put them in there somewhere.