My little photogenic street and muffin.

I know this is a really random post. This is our share of the neighborhood. This is our street. There is the main street leading to all the side street's but i'll just put a picture up of the one we live on. The little muffin I got today at an "Expat" get together thing and decided not to eat it but save it and take a picture instead.
Pink Polkadots and Chocolate are a cute combination :)
It's getting so warm here now, and my day today has been very happy. I just started working on Sara Bareilles's song called Bluebird~ By the way if you haven't heard Sara Bareilles's cd "Kaleidoscope Heart" you need to. I love it!!!!! And my brother Matt got it for me for Christmas so it makes it even more special.
Love you all!
Are house is on the right side about three down. 
                                                                           Love, A


  1. I love the first photo. It looks post card-y.

  2. Soon it will be Annie's!!! On april 21st.