Ni hao! Wo da ming zi shi Annie. Wo lai zi mei gua. Wo you si ge gege, yi ge jie jie he lian ge mei mei.
Wo you yi ge xiao mao. Ta shi hun ka ai! Wo hun ai mei gua!!! He zhong gua. Wo zhu zi zhong gua.
Wo xi huan kan shu dan shi wo bu xi huan kan dian shi. Wo da baba da ming zi shi Thom. Wo da mama da ming zi shi Dina.

Ni hao!
Ni hao!
Ghe ge shi shen ma? Duo shou chen?
Yi bai ba shi si qui.
Xie xie!
Zai Jien!

I can say all that to you if you want someday!
Also I can say a lot more words but there not necessarily in a sentence that I can speak yet.
I don't know how many words I can say over all maybe tomorrow I will ask Bessie our tutor.
Well I suppose I should give a translation? Okay.

Hello! My name is Annie. I came from America. I have four older brothers, one older sister and two younger sisters. I have a kitten. She is really cute! I really love America! And China. I live in China.
I like reading but I don't like watching tv (not necessarily true!). This is my Dad his name is Thom. This is my Mom her name is Dina. 

What is this? How much?
184 qui.
Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this! I don't think I spelled everything right and every word also has tones which is so hard! There are four tones... One goes up, one goes down, one goes down up and one goes straight!!! ahh! So bye! Annie Rose. 


  1. Wow! Great job. You're obviously doing an amazing job learning Chinese. :)

  2. You guys are so far ahead of me!

  3. Thanks Megan! it's great fun being able to speak to people! Ben I think we are ahead now. Your not around Chinese people everyday anymore :)