"My" Noun's...

My adorable little kitten, Shasta :)
She looks a little big here even though she's small-ish. 
I'm turning 15 in three days! Those are my pretty candles :) 
He is a field next to our house which I love! It's look cloudy in this picture though! It was actually kinda sunny that day 
My friend Lydia and bethy running for me

Someday very soon, my sisters, two friends and I are going to have a picnic on that hill. In the sun. It will be lovely. 
See theres some sun! Sometimes the sky get's so blue (blue with pollution) and the clouds are BEAUTIFUL!

"Our" Moon. The same one we all look at even if miles apart.
And here my friends is a drink you get here called "Pearl Milk Tea".
I will describe it... It is tea with lot's of sugar and milk in it and it has these gelatin balls at the bottom.  There reallllly good and we've kinda got a little bit addicted to them. We have a big place near us called "Times Square" and they have a little "Coco" shop there where we get the pearl milk tea's. They are 6 qui, (or 8 for a large) which is about a doller.
The big straw is for getting the jelly things out. If you come here I will SO get these with you. And I hope you like them.


  1. Mmmm! I love "Pearl Milk Tea". It's affectionately known as "Boba" to us in CA, but the idea of drinking pearls sounds much nicer. ...Well..almost. Sounds kind of painful, too.

  2. I never had it back in the US so I guess thats why I didn't think many people knew about it! It is so yummy. I've heard of it though back in US.

  3. Boba!! Didn't we make you Boba that night when you all came over to our house and played Settlers of Catan? We made it in a purple smoothie. Hmm...maybe we just made the smoothie part but I totally thought we made the boba too. THAT is one of my favorite drinks. Are you able to get it in smoothies? If so, try the Taro flavored smoothies with it. They're purple and so very tasty.

  4. Megan! Yes you made those Taro smoothies but they didn't have the boba in them. There so good in Milk tea!!!! I really like them. Have you ever tried the milk tea ones? I think you could probably but I don't know if I would like it that much. But maybe i'll try one in the summer if I can! Maybe we could make them when I come back!