My Birthday part 2

My beautiful birthday cake and candles! Look down and there's me sick on the couch, like I was all day!!!! 
                                                               (Taken by Elisabeth)
My adorable little sailor mug from Bethy!!! I love it. 
Also from Bethy came my little boat~ 
My bright yellow lamp from Andrew
Banana!!! And a sister ring from Becca!
Cute flip flops from my Mommy, which are so cute. 
MY SHOES! There red and have adorable insides (not that, that matters) and bright colored shoe lace's and lace on the front. Yes there super cute. 
And my purse that I bought in Shanghai on the day before my birthday/party.
It's so colorful and cute!!!

So there's some of my presents! I love them all and am enjoying my new things :)
Love, A


  1. Can't believe I have a beautiful 15 year old daughter roaming around Shanghai with sisters and good friends. Love you Annie!

  2. Cute presents. I'm sorry you were sick on the day of your birthday! I can't believe you're 15. Before I know it, you'll be in college and beyond!