*My New Castle city* (It's really a town)

I LOVE NEW CASTLE! I can't wait to go back and see every aspect of it again, including all my friends who live in it and around it. We will be leaving China on June 19th, flying to California, spending two weeks there visiting all our old friends and family and having a jolly time! Then we will head to Colorado for Four weeks!!! We arrive on July 3rd. The next day we will see most everybody at our annual Fourth of July celebration!!! So exciting!!! So if you can't tell, I'm really excited.

Colorado is so beautiful. The Sky is so naturally blue. The air is so fresh and beautiful. The grass is very green although the climate is dry. You can swim in the water there, making the Summer's more bearable!
I'm not bashing China, because I love China :)

The feelings you get in New Castle around the Holidays are so special. We had such lovely traditions there, as we will and do have here, but different (Obviously?). I had and always will have GREAT friends there. I miss seeing them all the time and saying "Hey do you want to come over and spend the night?" Or "Let's go to Glenwood together." Ahhh. Glenwood was so nice too. There's more of a buzz there since it's a city, and the little shops and places to eat are lovely. I am so looking forward to doing everything. I know I can't do everything but not living there but still having it my home I want to enjoy it. It's confusing. :)
Anyway, I'll be there soon. I love you all and really WILL see you soon!!! Oh and here's the Chinese for that... Cong lui yue shi jiu hao dao ba yue wu hao wo men hui mei gua! Translation: "From June 19th to August 5th, we will go back to America!"
This picture was supposed to be of our Van driving away but I guess it was another one! So sad, but beautiful!
                                                             Colorado here I come!!!!!

                                                                        Love, A


  1. I can't waaaaaaaiiiit!!!!! xoxo.

  2. I can't either!!! Thanks for commenting Mikayla!!!