Blue Sky, blue eyes

I love the Sky! Okay... well Suzhou doesn't have the nicest air and the bluest sky, but somedays are so blue and beautiful. I love how God made the world SO incredibly beautiful. The Sky, the water, the air, the various, green foliage spread over the earth. I love the dark, night sky with the Stars making it look freckled and musty.

The clouds, all towered up or, stretched out like a cotton ball, being pulled apart.
What if God had made the Sky green and the grass blue? I can't help but think it would be ugly. But since thats how it would be, then we would think it was just as beautiful.

(Two of these pictures are a little tiny bit color edited, no need to know that I guess) 

The hot Summer air, making our skin feel wet.  So here are some picture's I caught just before the Sun went down, and just in time.

                                                                        Love,  A


  1. pretty cool Annie:) when did you tack them? I like the last one, i like all of them but i like the last one most!

    Love *beth*

  2. The last one is a bit to blue! I dont think Suzhou could get that blue so you?