I'm excited about this month. Let me get down to reasons.
For one it's my month and 16 is just around the corner! I cannot wait for my birthday. It just makes me so happy.
Two: The warm weather seems to be rather settled into Suzhou now and I'm hoping it's here to stay.
So April maybe could you help out with that?
Three: It's the month before we leave for our vacation! I'm beyond excited but don't get me started.
Four: I'm planning my party. I'll tell you all about it once it's planned! Sweetness.
Five: Just living my life... my family and friends are the best and I'm darn thankful. Oh and another thing? I love living in the city. Suzhou is the best.
I think I'll start another notebook about all this. About April.

Looking forward to quite a bit!
Yay for the month of April. I love you.
Love, me
p.s. I'm posting more often!!! Yes. Oh and I got this new shirt... I really like it. I also got several bracelets. I love them too. Pictures soon!


  1. Oh Xing Hu Jie! What a classic street! The mixed pictures are kinda cool....

  2. Love that quadruple exposure photo! :)