just a couple of things

Today is warm. I for one love it when it's warm and it makes me feel so energetic. We have company here as well. One of my Dad's old friends came with his son and they're staying for another week. It's been fun and showing new people around Suzhou is quite awesome.

Okay so we are leaving for our Summer vacation in two and a half weeks. Oh man. Two and a half weeks! I cannot wait to see all my friends again and spend a bunch of time with everybody. It's also crazy for to think about jumping back on a airplane for 15 hours. Wow that sounds long. 
We'll be in Colorado for 6 weeks and California for 2 weeks. OMGosh.

Our friends the Wirgaus (you've heard about them plenty of times) left yesterday. We said goodbye on this random street on a cloudy day and oh how I miss them now. Basically it's just weird thinking that their house is empty, and there will never again be a sleepover in their little bedroom on the 6th floor. I practically saw them all the time and now it's come to a stop. It's only been two days since I've seen them but thinking that I won't see them again is really hard. Lydia and Leah, you guys have been the best. Living in China with you guys for two years? Yes, the best.

I'm sorry that my posting has been so irregular. I think that's how it'll always be. I'm happy when I get a good post together and get some fun comments... and so far that's how it's been for a while! Yep, yep, yep.

Right now I'm:
Tasting: A couple of minutes ago it was fresh Mango.
Smelling: Summer. Literally every time I walk into this room it smells like Summer to me.
Seeing: Little black letters and beyond that a printer and a white wall and other such things.
Hearing: Chinese men talking outside.
Touching: The keys of our mac.

And here is an adorable picture of my little sister. She got some new (fake) TOMS.

I'll be back soon with my party post.

Love, me

p.s. Thank you to all my 65 followers! Give yourself a pat on the back.


  1. That sounds lovely... your trip that is. Make sure to have plen'y of fun! ;)

    Aww... That stinks about your friends, but it's still cool you have all those wonderful memories. And the 6th floor for some reason struck me as really awesome!

    And now I'm craving mango. ;)


    1. I am SO excited about my trip!!!

      We do have some pretty wonderful memories with them... they've been really amazing friends. Yep! They're apartment is on the 6th floor... which also makes for a lot of "out-of-breath" hellos!

      I've been craving Mango kinda a lot so my Dad always buys several for me :)

      xx, Annie.

  2. so you guys are leaving China for good? That's so sad. :( Hopefully you guys will have a good trip, and enjoy being back in the US!!


    p.s. Annie, do you think we could chat sometime? I'd love to hear more about your life in China. :) here's my email address:

  3. Nice post there Annie! Good and descriptive and fun (even though I didn't like the song, but that's alright!).