good job December


I've been busy! Today I had a test. Eh. Soo hope I did well. 
After that I went to the Christmas concert and hung out with my buds. 
This next Saturday I'm going to a Tri Fed game to watch my buds;
and that night I'm going to a Winter Formal with... my buds.

Tonight I was at the recording studio again too! My older brother and I are working on another new song and it's coming along nicely. I can't wait to get it finished... but darn that metronome!
All this Christmasy-ness too... I love it.
Yeah, I'm enjoying this December quite a bit.

How's your December going!? You know me... I'd love to know.
Oh and here's a couple photos of just me in a recent shoot with Beth.
Oh and listen to this song. I don't want to turn it off.
Another new pair of socks! Told you I had a weakness. They're higher than the other ones and mint green. Yeees.

Love, me

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  1. Are you going to the Formal with those shorts? Might be a little chilly and/or casual for a formal....