Okay so now that Thanksgiving is over I can start listening to Christmas music right?
Never mind. You're way too late.
It's so fun how Christmas happens not matter where you are. You get the same feelings, just in a different place. Even if snow doesn't fall the cold fills in the cracks and huge jackets, scarves, hats and gloves are a must have here in the Winter. It all works out perfectly and I'm so blessed to be able to celebrate this season all the way on the other side of the world from my home.
I miss my brothers and sister though. Like a lot a lot? Yeah, like that.

So my weekend/week in Shanghai was pretty perfect. Our big feast was delicious and being with family is always so nice. It continued to rain all week and that was a little uh... blah. Who cares though.
The retreat was so much fun. We met new, amazing people and basically got to spend two days with them. Staying up late, getting up early (three and a half hours of sleep), taking cold showers, eating bad food, walking around in the cold...? Yeah it's all fun with a friend. Oh and look! I have pictures :)
 So excited for this season and so happy that I have wonderful friends and family who make life the best.
Left to right: Nuna, Me, Sarah and Becca.
My cousin Aaron and I. <3
Sarah and I being posin'.

All photo credit goes to Nuna. Thanks girls (and guys) for an amazing weekend full of everything great.
Love, me

p.s. Another design change. What the heck it's Winter guys. Even the xoxo changed!

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