happy girl

So today it rained. I normally love rain but when I have to ride my e-bike to school where I see cute people then I don't particularly like it. 
After school though I stayed inside and the rain didn't bother me anymore. ;)

Tomorrow I'm heading to Shanghai! Thanksgiving break yayayaya. I'll pack in the morning, go to class around noon and come home and my brother and I will go to the train station together and jump on a train. I'm excited for this next week/weekend. Thursday and Friday we'll spend the day cooking for our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night (cannottt wait) and after our feast my sister and I are going with my cousins to a retreat! We'll be there until Sunday afternoon and then Becca and I will take the train home. 
It'll be so relaxing and I'm looking forward to some time away. Being with my Shanghai family is always a plus too. 

Other than that I'm going to share some things from my happy list... that is, this is my happy list.

Glittery gold nail polish that looks like Christmas.

Christmas tunes. (Tonight was the first night I listened to some!)

People from my school. They're the best.

New Winter coats, pants and shirts that I needed :)

Coco dates.

Hot floors. haha that sounds funny. It's actually called floor heating and it's soo great. It's works especially well in our bathroom and it makes me never wanna leave that place.

Stupid, catchy songs like this one. I did say catchy and I so mean it.

There is also nothing better than a new pair of socks. Striped pink and orange? The best.
And Skype.
With lots of love and thankfulness,
Ooo. Socks.

p.s. I'll post some pictures soon <3


  1. Sounds like you're gonna have a fun weekend! Happy Thanksgiving, friend! xoxo

  2. we have heated floors in our new house and they are actually the best thing ever.

  3. Mika: I did have a fun weekend!! Happiest of thanksgiving's to you too friend <3

    Katie: Aren't they magic?? Like having warm feet keeps your entire body warm or something. <3