What do you think of the new header?
All of a sudden (well pretty much) I like neon yellow a lot. Neon is hot.
So that's why there is a big slash of neon yellow right up there. 
I also like the way it looks a little crooked.
Check out these cute neon yellow things... that I sort of wish I had. ;)
this bag
or this clutch.
These oxfords
or maybe this hat.

I don't know why I'm not feeling very inspired tonight. I can't seem to write anything that I'm happy with. I'm trying. I'll just go look at some more cute winter clothes online and listen to some peppy music and maybe talk to a friend.

Oh and tomorrow after school I'm going to watch a bunch of the guys (from my school) play a sport called Tri Federation and after that a few of us are going to get Coco together. And the next night I'm going to a dance!
Fun. Fun? Fun.

Photo taken by Margaux while out on a photo shoot (really great adventure) with her, Becca and Alena. <3
In class with one of my awesome Korean friends. SSIS spirit!

Oh and I'm also wondering if any of you are still following my posts? I'm hoping you do even though  I don't post all the time. :) :)

Love, me


  1. I love neon yellow, as well! I have a pair of skinny's in that color and love 'em.
    Have fun at your dance :)

    xx jana

  2. When I was your age (waaaay back when) I really liked neon yellow too! I think it's making a comeback : ) Tell me about your dance, and what are you going to wear?? You can send me an email if you want, or post some photos here?
    Miss you much!

  3. Going dancing, eh? Wonder if it will be like the contra dances? (Guessing not ;)

  4. ohhh, a dance, huh? that sounds exciting! those oxfords are so cute, I need to find a pair. I like your new header :)

  5. Jana: Oo neon yellow skinny's!? I want some of those. :) Thanks!!

    Jeanette: Yeah neon is really big right now I think... of course I'm in China so I can't ALWAYS be sure of what's big in the US but I keep updated :) I'll email you some pictures of my outfit soon! There will probably be pictures on facebook too :) Miss you lots!

    Ben: Yes!! It definitely won't be contra dancing lol... but it'll be fun no matter what :)

    Katie: I know I'm excited. :) I need to find a pair too. They'd be so cute with jeans and a sweater! I'm glad you like it :) That means a lot :)

  6. p.s. I'm also not quite sure if the slash of neon yellow in my headed is actually neon yellow. :/

  7. Your new header is awesome, love the simplicity of it!Gah! You are so cute, looking forward to more posts!

    J.P. Photography