Oh boy I like showing off my brothers to my friends. It's fun when you have such cute brothers.

The other day several of my dear friends and my sister and I had a photo shoot and the pictures below are some I took. It was fun to the least. They're definitely keepers. *wink wink*

Tomorrow night I'm going to a halloween, rooftop party with a bunch of friends from my school! Woohoo. Crossing my fingers it doesn't rain.

Today has been a restless day. 

Tonight I danced around my kitchen to some of my favorite music and those special memories came back to me.

Mumford and Son's song Hopeless Wonderer is so good. 

I'm going to go to bed.
Oh my gosh a real forest right next to my house!?
Love, me


  1. Heyo Annie Rose!
    You're slacking on this blog...give us something new!! jk, your pictures are super cool...maybe i can steal them for a mix or some cool art project? Keep jamming that mumford and sons! Howd that halloween party turn out! Miss you and love you tons!

  2. I meant howd that halloween party turn out?

  3. Matty!
    I know. I haven't been doing a very good job at keeping my space updated :( I need to do a bit better!
    Brothers can always steal my photos :) Whenever they want.

    The halloween party was superrr fun. I'll have to tell you about it sometime on the phone :)
    Love you and miss you tons!! Thanks for commenting so many times :D