China {a guest post}

Hey! I'm Elisabeth, Annie's littlest sister.
I'm 11 years old. I'm the youngest member in the Jones family, which I don't like.
But I love having four older brothers and three older sisters. 
I want to say thank you to Annie for letting me guest post today!
So, thanks Annie!!!!! I love you tons.

So as most of you know we live in China, a city called Suzhou,
I like it here but it's definitely different from the little town of New Castle.
But it's good and I enjoy living overseas.

I love seeing Chinese people and their culture, China can be so dirty but in a way so very clean!
Like there will be a baby peeing on the side of the road and a little old
lady sweeping and the streets are like never dirty!

The skyline here in Suzhou is amazing. They're still working on it but it's awesome right now.
I love Suzhou!

Really close to our house is the ferris wheel.
This isn't a great picture of it but you can kinda see how great it is ;)

It isn't usually this clear ;) But I just had to put this one in.

Here's one more of the wheel.

So I hope you have enjoyed this guest post!!!

all photos by me,


  1. Whoa, guest post! Pretty good Bethy, I enjoyed it.

  2. Those pictures are making me Suzhou a little bit...ok alot. Good post.