the significant // the insignificant

These are some of the beautiful things that I've been experiencing lately. Significant and insignificant.
And something to come ;)
Small, round mirrors in buses and me and my cheeky sister snapping a picture in one of them.

Night time in College Town.

Dreaming of December and getting back to Colorado. 

Coffee in the morning sun while I chat with friends who are still awake on the other side of the world.

Getting ready for my day. It almost looks like there's snow inside of my (dirty) mirror. 

Curtains that let in the light and tall apartment buildings for a view.

Taxis which I swear never slow down.

And the city at night.

And knowing that we booked tickets to Rome in December.
And knowing that I'm blessed.

x, a


  1. 1. Just so you know, those mirrors are security cameras. I'm not even kidding!
    2. By "still awake on the other side of the world", you mean me, awake at 3 in the morning
    3. Pretty post <3

  2. 1. I'm sure they are... just disguised under cute, round mirrors :P
    2. Yes at 3 in the morning but also I was talking about other (ahem) people too... :)
    3. Thanks friend <3