Christmas trees are the best. Especially real ones. Those make me miss Mikayla. The one in the pictures is our little tree on the fifth floor. We are also trying to find a live one for our downstairs. If we don't succeed in doing that then we'll have some sort of fake one downstairs as well.

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What are you loving about December and the Christmas season right now? DO tell, because I love to hear your thoughts.
Do you have a favorite out of my pictures?

  This is the dress I want. Or something like it :) I'd wear it on Christmas eve!

This one I would like for my birthday party :D

I don't think you've checked out my friend's blog yet... Head on over here!

I love the lights. And I love Bokeh.

Love, a


  1. I LOVE the bokeh!! So beautiful!! I think the first two pics are my favorite. Both of those dresses are beautiful and so classic and sweet! I hope you are able to get one!

  2. Thanks Megan! I really hope I can get one too :)

  3. these are really cool pictures! and those desses are SO pretty! i especially love the blue one :)

  4. Katie: Thanks so much! That means a lot :)

    Madeleine: Why not use your real name? Thanks so much. Aren't the dresses so pretty?! I definitely want one :)

  5. Very nice!! I never got to see the tree:(


    Leah Adeline <3